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Reactions of t/c taxi drivers to the bill that will prohibit them from picking up passengers from airports

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Reactions among Turkish taxi drivers were caused, according to Dialog, by the preparation of a bill on the Turkish side that would prohibit them from receiving passengers from Larnaca and Paphos airports and transfer them to the occupied territories.

Under the title “We warn” the T/C newspaper has today's main topic the opinions of taxi drivers who said that if this bill is passed, then they will be destroyed, noting that at the same time T/C taxi drivers can pass with their vehicles them without problems from free to occupied areas.

They consider that it is contradictory on the one hand to talk about confidence building measures and on the other hand to attempt to undermine these relations from the side, according to their expression. They called on the “officials” of the pseudo-state to take measures in the direction of the EU.

A taxi driver expressed the opinion that this decision of the KD Parliament is to “scare” the T/K taxi drivers, noting that there are many pirate taxis in the occupied territories and perhaps this also played a role. He explained that when he goes through the free zones he acts “with sensitivity” and when he takes clients to Larnaca airport, he does not pick up other clients on the way back. He himself, he added, complies with all the regulations, but there are his colleagues who do not. “I know that within the scope of the Green Line regulation, we are allowed to carry passengers by covering the first letter of our number plate and I don't believe they will take that right away. I hope we don't have any negative consequences,” he said.

Another Turkish taxi driver expressed surprise at this move on the Turkish side and noted that Turkish drivers taxis made this proposal (for the bill), but it is an “unfair demand”. The local taxi drivers, he noted, go to the local side and transport customers. “I hope this issue can be resolved easily because this is our bread and butter. I can understand the reasons why the E/K taxi drivers made this decision. Fuel is expensive for them and cheap for us, we transport customers at more affordable prices and become their rivals,” he said.

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