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Reactions to Annita's candidacy

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Reactions to Annita's candidacy

Despina Psyllou

Reactions were provoked by the statements of the president of the Democratic Alarm, Averof Neophytou, regarding the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou for the presidency of the Parliament, with the director of the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies, Suzana Pavlou, characterizing them.

“Mr. Neophytou does not convince us, when for the last five years he has done nothing to improve the participation of women, even on his own ballots. We are not convinced, therefore, by this move as a measure for the promotion of women in politics “, said S. Pavlou to” F “, emphasizing that such a candidacy, although important, cannot balance the blatant absence of women from decision-making centers.

Annita Dimitriou 's candidacy, he said, was presented as a move to promote women. “It was unfortunate that the candidacy of a worthy MP – such as Annita Dimitriou – was presented as a move to promote women in decision-making centers. Ms. Dimitriou is proposed and should be proposed, precisely because she is worthy and not because of gender. This is sexist and I think it reduces her as well “, said Ms. Pavlou and added:” If Mr. Neophytou and DISY really considered important the participation and empowerment of women in decision-making centers, they would have at least 40% women quota on party ballot. It could also approach women as a party to increase its presence in its forces. “

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Ms. Pavlou also underlined that in terms of women's participation in politics, today we are where we were in 2006, ie 15 years ago. “We have only eight women in Parliament, ie 14%. “After 15 years, we have no improvement in the representation of women.” He also stressed that women in the last election were only 25% of the party candidates. “There were ballots that did not include a single candidate,” he said.

Source: www.philenews.com

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