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Read the new gasoline prices in the occupied territories

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Read the new gasoline prices in the occupied territories

The main issue in almost all the front pages of today's Turkish Cypriot press is the increases in the selling prices of fuel, gasoline and LPG.

According to the GTP, entitled “Will this nightmare not end?”, Halkin Sesi writes that accuracy is burning the housewife's basket, noting that there was a shock after the fake increases in fuel, which will have a chain effect on the economy.

Following the announcement of the increase in fuel, the average selling price of unleaded 95 octane gasoline in the occupied territories rose to 11.65 TL (0.71 cents) per liter, while at the beginning of 2021 it was at 6.07 TL per liter. It is noted that unleaded 95 octane gasoline in 2014 was only 3.67 TL per liter. The price of unleaded 98 octane gasoline today is at 11.89 TL per liter and diesel at 11.23 TL per liter.

Meanwhile, the ten-kilo LPG bottle increased by 40 TL in one night, rising from 140 TL to 180 TL (11 euros).

“Paradise of Rises the TRNC”, Yeni Bakis writes that the minimum wage in the occupied territories is below the poverty line, noting that in conjunction with the pandemic, “citizens” are going through very difficult days after the new price increases in products.

Dialogue entitled “What is this torture?” refers to the new increases in fuel, citing testimonies of citizens, who can not buy a gas cylinder to cope with the cold at night.

Entitled “Increase in petrol and LPG cylinder again!”, Vatan mentions the new fuel prices. He also writes that “Prime Minister” Faiz Suzuoglu warned those who engage in blackmail that they will be punished and said that in order to protect citizens from being victimized, they will launch a campaign to combat blackmail. Mr. Suzuoglu called on the citizens to make complaints, where they observe that there is the phenomenon of blackness.


Source: politis.com.cy

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