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Read the resignation letter of Andreas Paraschos: The President said about 300 million before Tsipras and others

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Read the resignation letter of Andreas Paraschos: The President said about 300 million before Tsipras and others

His resignation was submitted today by the journalist Andreas Paraschos, director of “Kathimerini” Cyprus, due to what took place after the publication of his revealing article about the President of the Republic, in “K” last Sunday. In the resignation letter of the director of “K” -which we publish below- the journalist names the then Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, as the person who was in front -along with others- when the President of the Republic “allegedly confessed in a night of joy in Athens, (s.s. that the Cyprus Investment Program) left in the Office of 300 million per year (s.s. A. Paraschos admits as his only mistake the “per year”), which then went to the Seychelles with private flights”.

Specifically, in the disputed article, the director of “K” writes, among other things:

“I do not know the president of the Supreme, but I know the president Anastasiadis, who for the solution of two states that he was monitoring from 2017 onwards, had spoken to me and I wrote in March 2018, that” he would try to secure a consensus from the EU and the consent of the archbishop ”. But he had realized that the “golden passports” were the hen with the golden eggs, which he allegedly confessed to on a night of joy in Athens, leaving at the Office of 300 million a year, which he then took to the Seychelles on private flights. That is why Varosi and Morphou did not get a solution in Mont Peléran and in Crans Montana a solution. Suddenly, however, Al Jazeera raised its roof and it appeared that the king was naked, as was his guardianship, and that the demon had finally taken us! “

The next day, the following “clarification” appeared below the article:


Statement of the director of “K” in relation to the articles of 10 Jan. 2021

JANUARY 11, 2021 – 15:44

Following a relevant article in the newspaper dated 10.01.21, I would like to clarify that in the last paragraph, whispers about the President of the Republic are incorrectly reproduced, which are not documented with relevant data.

This is wrong and does not express us as a practice in our newspaper.

Andreas Paraschos
The Cyprus Daily

*** It is noted that the journalist always writes his first name with “d” and never with “t”, meaning “Andreas” and not “Andreas”.

The resignation letter of Andreas Paraschos is as follows:


Dimitris Lottidis & Christi Lottidis


As naive is a soldier who goes to war with the certainty that he will not be touched by a bullet, so naive is a journalist who believes that he will come out unscathed trying to reveal the truth, in a country where politicians, led by the President, in alliance with a A bunch of lawyers, accountants and land development entrepreneurs, have tarnished the Republic of Cyprus internationally, with the country's top rulers in the role of promoting the grosso bay of the “golden passports” of 8-9 billion, as it turned out.

That is why I never sought the innocence of collaborating or coexisting with any power, nor did I avoid the hassle and heavy burden of investigative journalism. On the contrary, I remember having as a mark of journalistic work:

• the multi-year search for the missing 1963-1974. A rough route that led me to Turkey. • In 1995 I revealed the hitherto top secret missing persons list, something unthinkable for a country looking for 1,500 missing persons. Behind the secret was a political-party game that in another way continues to this day. • I wrote about the war crimes of Turkey against E / C prisoners and civilians and the war crimes of E / K paramilitaries against T / C. I wrote about the painless behavior of UN people in Cyprus and mainly of the representatives of the secretary general of the UN to the Commission of Inquiry on Missing Persons, which for many years kept locked in their offices files with details of missing persons. • I researched and wrote about all the important events that marked Cyprus in the last thirty years, such as the Milosevic scandal, the CSE scandal, the tragedy of the 121 victims of the Sun and their families, o Marie, o the Haircut, o the dissolution of Laiki Bank and the looting of its funds, o the sister acquisitions of banks abroad by Bank of Cyprus and Laiki, o the collapse of the Cooperation and o the impoverishment of justice.

All this in an EU member state. – under occupation half – which now smells unbearable stench due to the obvious corruption. A country where the findings of all the research committees that were set up are dusty in the Greek calendars while the perpetrators not only move freely but lead every new bay that is invented. All this in a country where the President of the Republic states that his law office in Limassol made 57 passports but he asks, “Where is the immoral?” (Politis 10.01.2021), while in the summer of 2017 he said that he would investigate and inform me about the information I put before him that his Office had made 253 “golden passports” until then but I never received a response. In the same country, where the President when asked about the AlJazeera report told reporters that the demon would take them. In this country, where the President of the Republic in April 2017 refers to a two-state solution, forcing his own Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulidis, to answer him: “Never say such a thing again.” In a country where President Anastasiadis, as he wrote in “K”, 5/8/2018, the most experienced colleague from the New Nations, Apostolis Zoupaniotis, “in exactly one year (from Crans Montana) has developed” confidentially “in at least a thousand people, the view that a velvet divorce (either as a division or as a loose confederation) might be preferable to the interests of Cypriot Hellenism, did not write anything. “He was not even the subject of a long campaign for the presidential election.” Here in this country, where President Anastasiadis told me about his preference for a two-state solution, I wrote to “K” in March 2018, that as he told me, “he would try to secure a consensus from the EU. and the consent of the archbishop “. The fact that the President of the Republic of Cyprus, as I wrote in my column on Sunday 10.01.2021, “but had realized that” the golden passports “were the hen with the golden eggs […] so in Mont Peléran did not get Varosi and Morphou and in Crans Montana solution, was not judged by you as the highest – although it concerns the survival of Cyprus – and you did not support it, it says a lot about me. Instead, you asked me on Sunday to apologize to President Anastasiadis, for writing that “he confessed in a night of joy in Athens, that he left (the trick with the golden passports) to the Office of 300 million a year, which he then went to the Seychelles with private flights. My mistake was exactly the word “annually” and not the 300 million. It was also my mistake that I avoided writing that all this was said before the then Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and others, even adding that until the end of the second term the turnover will reach one billion. Political leaders in Cyprus are also aware of the incident.

My refusal to apologize led you to take the initiative, as you told me, to address on Monday 11.01.2021, without informing me, an e-mail to President Anastasiadis undertaking to reconstruct the post, because as you told me he took you Monday morning phone threatening to sue. Those who are well acquainted with the behavior of key politicians in Nicosia know that Nikos Anastasiadis never threatens journalists with libel lawsuits. The most common thing for the President is to call you and drag you out of the car. Besides, on Monday morning, Mr. Anastasiadis had a meeting with the envoy of the Secretary General. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and until noon he was busy, as everyone knows. Finally, you demanded that I consent to “Clarification” on the electronic “Kathimerini”, so that the newspaper is not exposed and is not dragged to the courts. In this regard, I consider that the prestige of the newspaper is affected precisely because the publisher rushed to power for fear of being sued instead of defending the position of the director on an extremely important issue but also the dignity and prestige of the newspaper at the time of the Cyprus crisis. with the threat of the two states. Just as the late Eleni Vlachou had done, when on April 21, 1967, with the imposition of the dictatorship of the colonels in Greece, she suspended the circulation of Kathimerini and re-released it on September 15, 1974.

Because for me, dignity, prestige and ethics in life and journalism are paramount, and because avoiding the risk of division and the creation of two states in Cyprus is tantamount to completing the tragedy that accumulated the coup and completed the Turkish invasion and as I do not tolerate to cooperate with bodies of such political positions and practices, I inform you that your above attitude and actions, in addition to annulling me in the eyes of my associates as Director, are also an attempt to silence and manipulate my journalistic point of view and insult me, as a human being but and as a professional. This behavior of yours does not leave me the slightest opportunity to stay and forces me to immediately submit my resignation from the position of Director of Kathimerini, in which I served from August 1, 2008, fully reserving all my legal rights. I thank my colleagues in Nicosia and Athens for their cooperation and contribution to the joint effort and I wish you all the best!

Andreas Paraschos



Andreas Paraschos, director of “Kathimerini” Cyprus, submitted his resignation

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