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Reaffirmation of Cypriot-Egypt strategic cooperation, says Kobos

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    He met with the Egyptian Foreign Minister – He thanked Cyprus for efforts to secure humanitarian aid for the Palestinians

    Cyprus-Egypt strategic cooperation based on honesty, common interests and transparency has been reaffirmed, the Foreign Minister said on Tuesday , Konstantinos Kombos after the meeting with his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Soukry in Cairo.

    For his part, as reported by the MENA news agency, Mr. Soukry thanked Cyprus for the effortsto secure humanitarian aid for the Palestinians.

    He also thanked Cyprus for its continued support to Egypt in the context of the country's relationship with the EU, underlining Cyprus' willingness to informs the Commission and the EU member states about the conditions and challenges in the Middle East.

    The Egyptian Minister of Foreign AffairsHe noted the depth of the country's strategic relationship with Cyprus in various fields and its will to further promote bilateral cooperation, adding that the talks focused on setting a date for the convening of a joint higher commission at the presidential level.

    He also said that efforts are being made to set a date for an Egypt Summit – of Greece – Cyprus.

    The two Ministers discussed Cyprus, bilateral relations, cooperation in the energy sector, but also the situation in the region and the EU-Egypt relationship, among others. development” the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the employment of Egyptian workers in Cyprus.

    In his statement at the press conference that followed his meeting with Mr. Soukry, Mr. Kombos said that the meeting confirms “the strength and solidarity that define the relationship between Cyprus and Egypt”.

    A relationship, which he said is based on historical ties, trust “and a shared vision for our political steps forward and our mutual economic prosperity”, adding that this shared understanding and vision extends to the region, especially in these turbulent times.

    He said their discussions reaffirmed the two countries' strategic cooperation based on honesty, common interests and transparency.

    “We are particularly pleased with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Mobility of Workers from Egypt, which represents an important step forward in our cooperation,” said Mr. Kombos.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs he noted that this was completed in just four months and is a clear example of the political will of the two countries. “It is mutually beneficial for our economies and our people, and the plan for sectoral economic progress,” he added.

    He said their discussions focused on “five key themes” and reaffirmed their shared commitment to the principles of international law, the rules-based international order “and the crucial role of regional cooperation”.

    The Mr. Kombos said that he informed his Egyptian counterpart about the latest developments regarding the Cyprus issue, “emphasizing our readiness to support the personal envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations”.

    He added that he “deeply appreciates” Egypt's long-standing and principled stance in all international forums, and expressed his appreciation to Mr. Shoukry “for Egypt's invaluable support.”

    He also said that they explored various aspects of the bilateral agenda, with particular emphasis on energy cooperation. “Transportation of natural gas from the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus to Egypt, for liquefaction, remains the main development option for the companies involved,” said Mr. Kombos.

    “Politically, our cooperation with Egypt in the energy sector is our compass,” he said, adding that the ongoing cooperation of the two countries within the framework of the Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Forum (EMGF) is a crucial element of their energy relationship.

    Regarding bilateral relations, Mr. Kombos expressed Cyprus' enthusiasm for hosting the next “Government to Government (G2G)” meeting with Egypt, noting that. “will further strengthen our collective efforts”.

    In addition, he continued, “we look forward to the next tripartite summit with Greece, which will undoubtedly contribute to the strengthening of our regional partnerships and collective strategic interests”.

    Mr. Kombos further said that they expressed “our shared and deep concern about the continuing dangerous situation in our region”.

    In this regard, he said, Cyprus' position is that the expansion of military operations in Rafah, with potentially irreversible and catastrophic consequences, “must stop”.

    “Cyprus deeply regrets the recent air strikes raids that caused destruction and the death of so many innocent civilians, including children,” the Minister said.

    He noted that the need for an immediate ceasefire and the release of hostages was imperative, and that Egypt had played a “decisive role » in this and that the international community should be grateful for Egypt's leadership.

    He said he also expressed “serious concern about the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza,” adding that increasing and facilitating the flow of humanitarian aid is essential.

    Noting that the Rafah crossing, from Egypt, is the lifeline for the people of Gaza and that “it cannot and will not be replaced”, said Nicosia, always stressing that the Cyprus Sea Corridor is an additional, complementary route through the sea.

    He further said that the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza is such that an increase in the flow of humanitarian aid is necessary. “Every contribution matters and we have a duty to continue the efforts. Cyprus contributes in the way it can, always highlighting the superiority of land crossings”, said Mr. Kombos.

    According to Mr Kobo, the risk of conflict spillover remains, citing the situation in the Red Sea, with serious economic and trade implications, as another example as well as the situation in the West Bank, Lebanon and elsewhere.

    “We welcome the US Plan and express gratitude for Egypt's tireless efforts on all fronts,” the Minister said.

    He stated that the political horizon is the only assurance for the future and for stability of the region and that a two-state solution, according to United Nations Security Council resolutions, “is the only viable political option”.

    He reminded that Cyprus has long recognized the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people and that it recognized the State of Palestine in 1988.

    Finally, Mr. Kombos said that they examined how the two countries' strategic cooperation is projected and implemented on the international stage, adding that Cyprus has actively promoted the EU-Egypt Comprehensive and Strategic Partnership. He noted that the EU must stand by Egypt and must support, in every way, what Egypt has done for the security and stability of Europe.

    Moreover, in his statements about the visit in Egypt, Mr. Kombos said that they had “the important opportunity” to sign with Mr. Soukry a Memorandum of Understanding for the employment of Egyptian workers in Cyprus in sectors of the economy which will be determined by the Cypriot side “always according to the needs of of our own labor market and in numbers that will always be decided in consultation between the competent Ministries of Labor of the two countries”.

    “This is an important development”, said Mr. Kombos, “because the opportunity to now have a framework within which there can be institutionalized, structured employment of Egyptians in Cyprus, in the sectors that the Cypriot economy needs, and this is mutually beneficial for both countries, while it can act as a model for sectoral development economic relations from now on”.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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