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Rebel in DIKO by MPs on the occasion of the case of persecution of Professor George Gabriel

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Rebel in DIKO by MPs on the occasion of the case of persecution of Professor George Gabriel

The case of the persecution of Professor George Gabriel caused a rift in DIKO, as two MPs of the party publicly disagreed with the official position. In fact, Pavlos Mylonas claimed that he could not represent the party by supporting a position that finds him opposed. It is recalled that in the previous days there had been a political confrontation, but also friction, between the Ministry of Education and the general. prosecutor, to whom Prodromos Prodromou tried to blame the decision for the prosecution of G. Gabriel.

Eventually, the attorney general, the government, and DISY himself fired Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou, leaving him politically exposed for his unfortunate manipulations.

I could not stay

Despite the fact that the Ministry closed the case with the decision to end the prosecution, there is still an uproar, since a completely opposite view, regarding the much-praised case, from that publicly expressed by President Nikolas Papadopoulos and the leadership of the Democratic Party, expressed party MPs. Specifically, MPs Chrysanthos Savvidis and Pavlos Mylonas considered that the director of a secondary school should be prosecuted by the Education Service Committee for insulting the religious beliefs of Christians, but also for the fact that a civil servant promotes political and partisan views at school. .

DIKO MP and chairman of the Parliamentary Education Committee Pavlos Mylonas announced his resignation from the post of party spokesman, while when asked if his action to publish his resignation letter is related to the case of the works of art of Professor George Gabriel replied that the attitude of the party leadership influenced his final decision, as he could not represent the president and the collective bodies of DIKO with the position they expressed on the issue.

Also a member of DIKO and member of the Board of Education Chr. Savvidis spoke about teachers' misbehavior and unacceptable behaviors, emphasizing that “tomorrow we will find people on the street reciting an insulting poem and saying that this is freedom of expression. “The worst thing for me is that these monsters were made by a teacher who did not respect the vast majority of the people orthodox Christians and did not respect the sanctuaries and aunts of the place.”

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Pavlos Mylonas, DIKO spokesman, resigned

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Source: politis.com.cy

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