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Reconstruction of the slab detached in Piale Pasia is suggested by the experts

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Reconstruction of the slab detached in Piale Pasia is suggested by the experts

Reconstruction of the concrete slab, with which the lowered protective plateau was constructed on the coastal avenue Piale Pasia, in Larnaca, are suggested by the experts who were invited to investigate the matter.

As the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyras stated in KYPE, “seven years after the completion and delivery of the project of the renovation of the coastal avenue Piale Pasia in the Turkish Cypriot district of Skala, by the Department of Public Works, the lowered plateau was built from the sea, was eroded. Despite the fact that the project was constructed by the Department of Public Works, however, the responsibility for the maintenance of this department was assigned to the Municipality of Larnaca “.

He added that “as soon as the problem was identified last winter, engineers of the designer who had designed Tasos Mitsopoulos Avenue, on behalf of the Department of Public Works, were sent to the area. Officials of the Technical Service of the Municipality of Larnaca also participated in this inspection, while it was requested that a report be prepared as soon as possible with the results of the investigation of the matter “.

The Mayor stated that “according to the researchers, the prefabricated concrete slab, which was placed for the purpose of protecting the road from the sea, was detached at a specific point of overcoming the wave which receives the greatest upward pressure. The transient pressures of the wave have detached the concrete of the slab at its anchor points on the corrugated wall “.

Asked about this, Andreas Vyras replied that “the on-site inspection showed that the problem arose at the point where the biggest jumping wave occurs, at a distance of about 700 meters west of the Castle where the height of the reflective wave is 75 cm. In particular, it was found that the coastal road of Piale Pasia, 77% of which is adjacent to the sea, is protected by a vertical wall of reinforced concrete, however the waves jumped over the wall and flooded the road.

He noted that “the researchers submitted a specific technical solution that will be applied to repair the lowered plateau that is also used as a sidewalk. Specifically, they suggest that the slab be reconstructed and that more anchors be placed, ie the metal levers with which the slab was screwed to the wall “.

According to the researchers, “in this way the force exerted by the wave pressure on each anchor will be reduced in the places where there was unhooking, as a result of which the construction will become more resistant to sea pressures.

The Mayor of Larnaca also stated that “the Municipality is in the process of preparing bids for the necessary corrective work that needs to be done and it is expected that the bids will be ready within June.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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