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“Recovery and Restart” and “Strategic Planning” Training Seminars

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The two Seminars (“Recovery and Restart” and “Strategic Planning”) are interlinked and cover all the training and consulting needs of Small Businesses to be able to recover, re-operate and lay a solid foundation for the future after the pandemic.

Both Programs are sponsored by ANAD and last a total of 14 hours (7 hours each). Programs are offered in two consecutive weeks (one Program per week). Each Program is conducted on two consecutive days (3.5 hours of attendance per day). We start with the “Recovery and Restart” Program and end with the “Strategic Planning” Program. Both Programs are aimed at Small Business owners and executives.

In the first Program, the trainees will have the opportunity to examine and solve the existing and pressing liquidity problems of their business and to prepare (with the help of the Instructor) a Plan for its rapid recovery and restart in the next 3 months (13 weeks). The special conditions of economic recession due to coronavirus were taken into account during the preparation of the Program. The trainees will learn to calculate the Main Performance Ratios (Gross Profit, Net Profit, etc.) and use them in the preparation of a Liquidity Monitoring Table (Direct Liquidity Ratio, Loan Liabilities Ratio, etc.). They will also prepare (under the guidance of the Trainer) a 13-Week Action Plan that includes the Important and Urgent Actions they need to implement for recovery. The 5 Areas of Action cover all aspects of the business (production, customer service, machinery, processes, liquidity, fundraising, human resources and liquidity).

In the second Program, the trainees will prepare (with the help of the Instructor) the Strategic Business Plan (STES) of their business, ie they will record the course that will ensure the long-term survival and development of their business (for the next 3 years). In addition to the long-term continuation of the operation of the company, the preparation of a complete FTA is a prerequisite for securing financing from banks (for both existing and new companies). Trainees will learn the key information they need to gather to know the true state of their business. They will then use Jack Welch's Five Strategy Tables and the Four Legs of the EVELTHON © Entrepreneurship Table (Business Counseling, Recovery, Rescue). They will also apply the Six Sigma Method to address weaknesses and the Simple Production Method to enhance business capabilities.

In short: with the completion of the two Programs (within 14 hours), the entrepreneurs will prepare an Immediate Action Plan to achieve the recovery of their business within 3 months and a Strategic Plan to ensure its growth in the next 3 years.

For more information please contact the Educator G. Iakovidis ([email protected], www.evelthon.eu, 99-644753).

Source: www.philenews.com

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