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Recovery: “Key” is the management of young people

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Mainly ahead of the replay with Olympiakos

Ανόρθωση: «ΚλειδΙ» η διαχεΙρι&sigma ;η των νéων

Another breath was brought to Anorthosis by the four transfers that took place last January, since mainly Tehera, Guerrero and Mraz, managed to raise the level of their new team with the good morning. Antonin also showed very good results, but so far he has not been able to establish himself in the original formation.

Regarding the first three, it is a fact that they gave the “Lady” information that she lacked. For example, the Spanish midfielder combines speed and quality on the axis, the Slovakian has the easy goal, while Guerrero has stood out so far for his ability with the ball at his feet, as well as showing that he can break through with a vertical pass the opposing defense.

The issue that arises is that the players in question need to be properly managed by Vesco Mihailovic. The reason is because in the first half of the season they played little to nothing… and as usual when a footballer falls behind in game pace there is a risk of injury. Especially in the event that his return to action is not the best possible.

More specifically, before coming to Cyprus, Tehera counted twelve short-minute appearances in the second division league in Spain, while something similar (eleven appearances) it also happened with Mraz, who was competing in the same league. Things were somewhat better for the former forward of OFI, who made eleven appearances in the Greek league, with eight of them being in the starting lineup.

The Serbian coach is clearly aware of all this and since the goal of the cup is a one-way street, it should not be ruled out that the three of them will take some breathers in the immediate future… so that they will be in the best possible condition in view of the replay with Olympiakos.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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