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Rector of the University of Cyprus: Expresses the will to work for the implementation of the establishment of a School in Larnaca

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The University of Cyprus expresses its willingness to work with the competent bodies of the State, for the implementation of the project of creating the School of Marine Sciences and Technology in Larnaca, taking into account the real costs that will be required.

In a written statement on the establishment of the School of Marine Sciences and Technology in Larnaca and after the public statement of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Rectorate of the University of Cyprus notes that the PK, by decision of the Senate, approved the establishment of the School, provided that the new School will receive the support of the state and will be included in the development budget of the University.

As it states “with the assumption of the duties of the Rector, on December 16, 2018, a detailed budget was prepared by the competent services of the University, for the period 2019-2030”, while he adds that the detailed budget was prepared based on the report of the International Advisory For the establishment of the School and concerns, among others, the construction projects, the required academic and administrative staff, and the equipment “.

” The total cost of establishment and operation for the period 2019-2030 “, The Rector's Office said in a statement, “it was estimated at 101 million euros, which should not be considered large for such a School with increased needs in laboratory and research areas.”

In addition, he adds that “the detailed budget, the implementation schedule of the project and the recording of the necessary actions that had to be done, were submitted to the competent bodies of the State, in April 2019”.

“For the restoration of It should be noted, however, that the Ministry of Education, in a letter dated 27 February 2019 to the University of Cyprus (ie before the submission of the detailed budget in April 2019) states that the Ministry of Finance informed it in a letter dated 14 December 2018, ” that the state can not at this time commit itself to funding the construction of the proposed School “, notes.

The University of Cyprus states that it considers the field of marine sciences and technology very important, adding that for This is the reason why he recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the CMMI Center of Excellence and the Municipality of Larnaca for synergies and housing of Research Centers of the University of Cyprus who specialize in this field at the facilities of the Center of Excellence in Larnaca.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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