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“Red button” and incident file, to prevent violence

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An Interministerial Committee has been recommended by the Council of Ministers to make suggestions in order to prevent family tragedies, as recently in the case of the Workers or in the case of Stylianos.

In fact, the first meeting of the Commission was recently held under the Deputy Minister Vassilis Palmas with all the involved services and next Monday a new one will be held, where the final presentations will be submitted. The Committee includes the Ministers of Labor, Health and Education, as well as the Ministry of Justice, the Police, the Social Welfare Services, the Mental Health Services and the Educational Psychology Service.

The Minister of Justice, Emily Giolitis, has already suggested that the emergency response service be promoted with the “Elpis” application, where someone who will not be able to call will have the opportunity to press the “red button” and the Police will be immediately informed that it is happening. an emergency and respond.

As it has been found through reports but also from the incidents themselves, while the services are monitoring a “problematic” family, however they do not cooperate with each other, resulting in fatal events and we run afterwards to find what went wrong.

The general directors of the ministries involved are currently studying various proposals in order to establish a protocol for cases where there is domestic violence so that all the services involved cooperate in advance. Also, the possibility of making a file where incidents of violence and violent people are registered in it, is being studied, so that the involved services know where there is a problem and the appropriate interventions are made.

The recommendations of the Interministerial Committee are expected to be made in the immediate future to be submitted to the Council of Ministers, which will take decisions giving instructions to the relevant departments on how to react to such situations. The ultimate goal, as we have been duly told, is to avoid similar incidents in the future and not allow one service to be covered behind the other.

It is obvious that after the case of 15-year-old Stylianos and the findings of the Commissioner of Administration in a special report, not much has been done in the field of cooperation between services, resulting in the family tragedy in Ergates, where while the family was monitored by YKE and the PSI but the Police had also been informed, however no one considered that they should all come together to consider their interventions together. The same happened with the 19-month-old baby in Limassol, where again the services did not cooperate properly with each other.

Source: www.philenews.com

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