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Reduction in the price of fuel in the occupied territories – Changes in the “fuel law”

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A reduction in the price of fuel was announced in the occupied territories, following continuous increases in recent months, yesterday's protests by public transport workers and the reduction of Brent oil.

According to reports from the occupied territories, the “Prime Minister”, Faiz Suzuoglu announced that the reduction in 95 octane gasoline will be of the order of 1.42 TL and from 18.75 TL falls to 17.33 TL per liter, 98 octane gasoline from 19.00 TL falls to 17.58 TL, Euro Diesel with 3 TL reduction from 21.07 TL will be sold at 18.07 TL and kerosene from 19.47 TL to 17.02 TL. .

With yesterday's decision of the “cabinet”, it is reported, the “law on fuel” has been amended and the prices will be determined every working day.

The decision is expected to be published tonight in ” “The Minister of Economy and Energy”, Koutlou Evren, clarified that the determination of the fuel price will be made on the same day according to the international and current prices. exchange rates.

Cyprus, he said, as an island “country”, imports oil. “Rising oil prices due to global crises, exchange rate fluctuations have a negative impact on our economy, increase the cost of our producers and reduce the purchasing power of our people. “We are working to protect the purchasing power and the balance of the market with the means at our disposal,” he added.

Source: politis.com.cy

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