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Refugee Committee rings the bell: Dangerous electrical installations in settlements

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Refugee Committee rings the bell: Dangerous electrical installations in settlements

The problems in the electrical installations in the refugee settlements and in particular in the settlement “Makarios III” in Larnaca, were discussed, on Tuesday, in the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees.

In his statements after the meeting of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee, AKEL MP Nikos Kettiros, said that the facilities are outdated and largely dangerous and outdated technology, while there is also the issue of quality of life and dignity of refugees.

“Today we can not force the displaced to enter the house next door to turn on the switch in case of any damage. “Let the elderly wait when the neighbor returns home to pick up the switch,” he said.

He added that the refugee population, who were given a house of 40-50 square meters without a title deed, at a cost of 2-3 thousand euros, should not be burdened in order to correct the problems in the electrical installation. He also said that ETEK stressed that these are obsolete facilities and components, which must be replaced for safety reasons. The Commission, he noted, asked the competent bodies for a specific and short time plan to correct the problems.

Mr. Kettiros also mentioned that the Commission examined the problems presented by the apartment buildings in the Government Settlement of Omonia in Limassol. As he said, the apartment buildings seem to have come out of a war zone, hot water is a luxury, humidity and mold have coexisted with the refugees while the elevator installation program is delayed.

He added that the nine-year complete abandonment of government settlements has accumulated problems and “we see them today as a mountain”.

DIKO MP Christos Senekis, referring to the issue of electrical installations that, as he said, has been registered by DIKO for discussion, said that in addition to the fact that these are obsolete electrical installations that endanger the safety of tenants, the main switches of homes in this settlement have not been placed per house, but are grouped in 3 or 4 houses, resulting in times of bad weather, when the main switch of a house “falls”, the tenant has to wander in the neighborhood to locate his own main switch.

“We asked the EAC and the other stakeholders of the State to ensure that there is an immediate comprehensive solution to the problem and to end the insecurity and suffering of the residents in the specific settlement and where possible there are similar problems,” he said.

For this reason, he added, the Commission is scheduled to reconsider the whole issue on 15 February 2022, to be informed of progress in resolving it.

Source: KYPE

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