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Regulations for limousines to officials are withdrawn after the reactions

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Regulations for limousines to officials are withdrawn after the reactions

The government is back to the issue of the use of limousines by officials and general managers of the public sector after the strong reactions caused by the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers on 05/01/2022.

The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis notes that the decision to submit the Regulations for the official vehicles of officials was taken in the framework of an agreement with the unions for gradual return of benefits in the public sector, and at the request of the trade union body of General Directors, according to with a written statement of the government representative.

“As part of the decision,” the spokesman said, “it was taken into account that the additional budgetary cost of this benefit would be limited as it would not require the acquisition of any vehicle.”

“It is noted that”, he adds, “the intention to restore this benefit was consulted by the trade union body of the General Directors with the parliamentary parties”.

“Nevertheless”, he concludes, “and taking into account the relevant concerns that have been expressed for the exploitation of the specific provisions of the mentioned regulations, as well as for the satisfaction of the sense of justice, the President of the Republic has instructed the Minister of Finance to withdraw them. reference Regulations'.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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