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Relaxation is a free gift for gym owners: “It is impossible for us to reopen”

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Relaxation is a free gift for gym owners:

The President of the Pancyprian Association, Michalis Siekkeris, expresses his disappointment on behalf of the gym owners, who in his statements to KYPE underlined that yesterday's announcements of the Minister of Health, for the lifting of restrictive measures, are practically not repetitive.

Specifically, Mr. Siekkeris stated that yesterday's announcement “found us disappointed, as owners of gyms, because it was not possible, with a specific protocol, to reopen the gyms.”

“What has been given by the Council of Ministers and announced to us yesterday by the Minister of Health, was the possibility of providing personal training indoors, that is, what existed outdoors, to be allowed indoors,” he added.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Siekkeris pointed out, most of the gyms that operate with the method of subscriptions and the provision of fitness services with many people together, “it is unprofitable to operate”.

The decision, he continued, serves only gyms that are active with personal training, which “provide the opportunity to train, on a personal level customers, with some restrictions, in terms of square meters.”

It is of course, he noted, the choice of each owner whether or not to open his gym, “but as a general principle, we say that the specific measures do not reopen the gyms.”

“We had made specific proposals and suggestions in the last 15 days, in the direction of reopening the gyms, but unfortunately, it seems that there was some hesitation at this stage,” said the President of the Pancyprian Association of Gym Owners and expressed hope that, in the next phase lifting of restrictive measures, on March 16, the gyms will be able to reopen.

The issue, he added, occupied today's meeting with the CMO, where various ways to reopen the gyms “on a practical and financial level” were discussed and he pointed out that the process and the effort colleagues “, is in progress.

Source: politis.com.cy

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