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Relief measures against Covid19 from Sunday 15 May: Everything that changes with SafePass, masks and quarantine

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New relaxations apply from Sunday to reduce COVID-19 disease. The relaxations were decided by the Council of Ministers during the meetings of April 20th and May 10th. Among the main relaxations is the lifting of the Safe Pass demonstration obligation, with the exception of high-risk areas.

Specifically, according to an announcement by the Ministry. The obligation to demonstrate Safe Pass in all areas is suspended from today. The Safe Pass demonstration is still needed during visits to nursing homes, closed structures, outpatient clinics, medical and diagnostic centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers and hospitality centers.

In these areas, presentation will be required 48-hour rapid test or 72-hour PCR for individuals who do not hold a valid vaccination or disease certificate, and no obligation for individuals who hold a valid vaccination or disease certificate.

Also, the Safe Pass demonstration is required from employees in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and closed care and hospitality structures for vulnerable groups, while for people who do not have a valid vaccination or illness certificate, proof is required. (Rapid test) power 48 hours or PCR power 72 hours.

With regard to visits to patients in public and private hospitals, one person per visit will be allowed, with a maximum of two people per day, by submitting a 24-hour Rapid Antigen Test. It is noted that in extremely urgent cases the number of people and visits can be increased, if approval is obtained from the management of the hospital.

The suspension of the obligation to show Safe Pass to students also takes effect. attending all school levels, as well as suspension of the test to stay measure for students and teachers in Primary and Secondary Education, as well as in kindergartens and the National Guard.

In addition, from today the capacity of restaurants, entertainment centers, music and dance centers, events including weddings and baptisms, churches, places of worship, conferences, trade fairs, stadiums and casinos is increasing. Specifically, for premises up to 500sq.m at 100% of capacity and premises over 500sq.m at 85% of capacity.

However, regardless of whether one holds a vaccination certificate or illness, the Ministry recommends that a self-test be performed once a week. It is reminded that from April 22, 2022, a ceiling has been set on the price of the package of 5 self-tests and specifically, 6 euros. It is noted that, those citizens who show symptoms against COVID-19 disease or have a Self-test with a positive result, should contact their Personal Doctor and will be referred for a free PCR examination.

Citizens wishing to undergo a rapid antigen test (Rapid test) should go to clinical laboratories and pharmacies, at a cost to themselves. The mobile units of the Ministry of Health, for the purposes of epidemiological surveillance of the population, will carry out sampling tests only on weekends and will have access to all citizens regardless of vaccination history.

In addition, as of today, the obligation of self-restraint of persons is suspended, who are a close contact of a confirmed positive incident and do not hold a valid vaccination or disease certificate. In addition, people who go through self-limitation as close contacts with a confirmed positive incident may be released.

Certificates of absence from work due to public health due to close contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19 incident will be issued only for dates until 14 May 2022.

In addition, the obligation to use a protective mask by children under 12 years of age is suspended, while it is clarified that children over 12 years old, who attend Primary education, are not obliged to wear a protective mask within school. It is clarified that children under the age of 12, who attend Secondary Education are obliged to wear a protective mask inside the school. It is emphasized that for all persons over 13 years of age the obligation to use a protective mask concerns only indoors.

Also, from today, those citizens who declare themselves as close contact of a confirmed positive incident, will receive a message from the Ministry Health, for a free examination on the 3rd and 5th day after contact, which will be performed in clinical laboratories contracted with the Ministry of Health. The laboratories are included in the link https://bit.ly/3Lc4y0E.

Instructions for confirmed COVID-19 cases are available in Greek https://bit.ly/3PgKDB5 and in English https: //bit .ly/37H3V1G. Also the instructions for close contacts of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Greek https://bit.ly/3PgKDB5 and English: https://bit.ly/3swksfV.

Source: politis.com.cy

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