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REPORT 24H: HOW MUCH DOES a Cypriot souvlaki pie and an appetizer cost? Which city is the most expensive to exit? What Fanos Leventis says

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ΡΕΠΟΡΤΑΖ 24Η: Π ΟΣΑ ΚΟΣΤΙΖΕΙ μια κυπριακor πΙτα &sigma ;ουβλκι και λναι η πιο ακριβor για εξοδο; Τι λεε&iota ο Φανος Λεβεντης

How much does a night out for a drink in Cyprus cost today? What should a customer look out for and ask before making a reservation in a tavern or restaurant?

What are the prices of mezes and a Cypriot souvlaki pie at a fast food restaurant?

What will happen ahead of the festive season?

What the General Secretary of PASSIKA declares on 24H/Full REPORT on 24H

Punctuality in Cyprus is increasingly “hitting” businesses. Food and entertainment centers are expected to be affected to a considerable extent, from bars, nightclubs to taverns and restaurants.

Speaking to 24H, the CEO of PASSIKA, Mr. Fanos Leventis, told us that “It is very normal for companies in the catering sector to increase their prices”. , in raw materials, so it is logical that the prices in catering will also increase.

He then pointed out that “There are businesses that operate under the regime of sustainability rather than profit, in an effort to stay a business alive and attract visitors at the same time.”

It is worth it is reported that the purchasing power of the citizens has decreased, however the traffic may not have been affected to a very large extent. What has changed is “the behavior and attitude of citizens.

They are careful about what they order because of their financial situation. Everyone, however, chooses where to go depending on their financial situation,” noted Mr. Leventis.

“I emphasize that whenever there are global crises, people want to escape outside even for a drink or food. People are looking for an exit”.

It is noted that after the latest survey of the Consumers' Association, Limassol holds the first place in terms of accuracy in taverns and restaurants.

“There are attractive prices in all provinces. A little research from the public will help them find what they want. It is also important that they call and get information about what prices are available, how much the drink costs, what is included and finally have an idea before making a reservation”.

As long as regarding the taverns and the mezes they offer, the prices today range from €16-€25. “Someone can find cheaper, it depends where you go”, emphasized the CEO of PASSIKA.

“Now, for the souvlaki in Cyprus, it is not a barometer like, for example, in Greece. In Cyprus there are many variations, for example a mix in the Cypriot pie, one shopkeeper will put two sheftalies and the other three.

The price of the Cypriot souvlaki pie starts from €7-€9, but there is a price range. And I should note somewhere here, that in the last years since the pandemic, the vast majority of leisure centers, especially taverns and restaurants, kept the holiday season at their list prices.

Where there was some price differentiation in taverns, restaurants and music-dance centers was when it changed and offered a special festive menu and an additional musical program.

There will be an extra price differential charged and usually food and drink packages are also offered. Again, it is imperative to make clear to the public what the price and program includes. But I make it clear that for the festive packages of restaurants and nightclubs we will come back.

The cost of a night out drinking

And at this point, Mr. Fanos Leventis clarified that depending on what the public chooses, they should also see the corresponding budget. But in general, a night out for good drinks costs each person around €30-€35. “You can also find with €20-€25, as we emphasized before, how much everyone's wallet has”.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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