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Representative's answer to why they did not see Kostalia's profile before appointing him to TEPAK's Board of Directors

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    Απαντηση Εκπρο σoπου γιατi δεν εiδαν το προφiλ το&upsilon ; Κωσταλιπριν τον διορσουν στ ο ΔΣ του ΤΕΠΑ&Kappa?

    The Government does not review social media profiles, says the Government Spokesperson commenting on the appointment of Kostalia to the TEPAK Board of Directors and his withdrawal a few hours after the relevant announcement – Defends the procedure followed by the Government

    In the wake of the appointment and… removal of Konstantinos Kostalia, to the Board of Directors of TEPAK , the Government responded by defending the procedure followed for the Semi-State Organizations, with the President of the Republic himself declaring on Saturday that «Every innovation and every great reform brings reactions”.

    The appointment was of course revoked when it was realized that the person in question was also praising the junta on his social media account.

    Speaking on Alpha's morning show, the Government Spokesperson said that it is an open process, in the right direction and which cannot be rejected.

    “Until recently, how was the establishment, the appointments to the semi-state organizations done? They should tell us why that procedure is considered better than the procedure that has been followed” said Konstantinos Letympiotis.

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    In relation to question that has been lingering since Friday night, when Kostalia's case became public, that is, they did not know about his beliefs since a simple look on social media was enough, the Spokesperson replied that he is not part of the process.

    “In the process where these appointments exist, reviewing social media profiles was not part of the process. Once these placements, these views, these posts, the unacceptable ones that were shared, then the intention has been shared,” said Mr. Letymiotis.

    As reported on Friday in a publication of the Cyprus Times, the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis , replaced Mr. Kostalia, appointing Dr. Konstantinos Vorkas in his place.

    In fact, our information indicates that there was a communication on the subject from the President of the Republic himself for the issue.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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