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RescuedBox: The savior of “ugly” fruits and vegetables

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On the fruit and vegetable counters we look for unconscious products that are aesthetically pleasing. Of course, not all fruits and vegetables are well-formed, so many of them are thrown away. The aesthetics of a tomato or a carrot, however, do not affect the taste or nutrients of the food itself, which means that it is perfectly acceptable for human consumption.

Products that are not sold due to lack of aesthetic requirements are both a financial problem, as producers are not paid for all their production, and an environmental problem due to poor resource management.

In Cyprus, every year about 4,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables end up in landfills before they even reach the consumer, for aesthetic reasons and overproduction.

The Cypriot start-up RescuedBox implements a simple solution for the consumption of “ugly” fruits and vegetables. It simply buys them from the producers, packs them in a box and delivers them to its customers.

“We save fresh fruits and vegetables that are discarded from supermarkets due to their size, shape and aesthetics and we undertake to deliver them to our customers' homes,” explains RescuedBox founder Malvina Nikolaou.

The short journey of RescuedBox, which started its commercial operation in September 2020, proves that Cyprus has a market that is more and more interested in sustainability and is willing to change what and how it consumes based on the environment. If we consider Cyprus, due to its size, as a pilot market, then similar markets exist elsewhere.

RescuedBox has saved, so far, over 100 tons of products and aims to reach 500 tons by the end of 2022.

There is no direct competition in Cyprus, while internationally, Ms. Nikolaou has identified similar efforts, albeit with a different focus, by offering food at lower prices that are close to their expiration date.

RescuedBox operates through rescuedbox.com, where customers become subscribers and can choose from 3 different box sizes:

{Bullet} Small, up to 3 types of fruits and 7 varieties of vegetables (ideal for 1-2 people), at a cost of € 10.90.

Medium: up to 4 types of fruits & 8 varieties of vegetables (ideal for 2-3 people), at a cost of € 14.40.

Large: up to 4 kinds of fruits & 9 varieties of vegetables (ideal for 4-5 people), at a cost of € 17.90. {Bullet}

RescuedBox has managed to gather about 250 subscribers, having reached 300 at the peak of the pandemic.

Read here the detailed report for RescuedBox on the startup and smart entrepreneurship platform trepers.com

Source: politis.com.cy

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