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Research meetings are open for naturalizations

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Research meetings are open for naturalizations

The meetings of the Exceptional Naturalization Research Committee will now be open to the media.

A statement said that the Commission had wanted to hold open hearings from the beginning, but unfortunately due to the restrictions in force due to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, but also due to technical restrictions, it was not possible from the beginning.

“The Commission has made and continues to make efforts to enable SMEs to access hearings through the use of technology, but due to a lack of infrastructure and the necessary systems it has not yet been possible. The Commission has therefore decided unanimously to ensure transparency. “to allow the presence of the media by implementing the protocols of the Ministry of Health, if at present the removal of the technical restrictions mentioned above has been achieved”, it is reported.

It is noted, however, that after the start of the hearing, any recording and / or photography and / or videotaping will be prohibited and the necessary arrangements will be made for the Cyprus Radio Foundation to take plans before the start of the hearing, which will be followed by distributed by RIK to other television media. It is also emphasized that journalists who will cover the work of the Commission are bound by national and EU legislation on the protection of personal data.

The hearings will take place on the ground floor of the former Hotel “Filoxenia” in the “Jean Monnet” room and next week the Commission will hold an open / public meeting on January 19, in the presence of 15 representatives of the media. The former Minister of Finance, Haris Georgiadis, will appear before the Committee on the 19th of the month. The presence of the President of the Republic is also planned, but the date has not been set yet.

According to the Commission, this week the statements of the Secretary of the Council of Ministers Theodosi Tsiola as well as the two former Secretaries of the Council of Ministers George Georgiou and Andreas Moleski were completed.

He also states that at this stage he has examined a significant number of exceptional cases of naturalization of foreign investors and entrepreneurs. At the same time, the sending of additional files by the Ministry of Interior continues.

So far, the current Ministers Nikos Nouris and Konstantinos Petridis, the Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis, Christina Kaoulla, the former Ministers Socrates Hasikos, Eleni Mavrou, Neoklis Gralikotas, Neoklis Sylikoteas, Georgios Georgiou and Andreas Moleskis Former Secretary of the Council of Ministers.

The next meetings were determined as follows: On 19/1 the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Haris Georgiadis and then Archbishop Chrysostomos and the President of the Republic on dates to be determined later.

Source: www.philenews.com

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