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Reserve in reference to underwear

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Reserve in reference to underwear

A serious shortage of consumables, clothing and footwear is observed in the National Guard, something that is pointed out by both drawn national guards and reservists.

This lack leads to a malfunction of power while it also becomes an occasion for provoking sloppiness, causing on the one hand laughter, but on the other frustration and demoralization. A reserve national guard recorded an incident on social media with a hero himself and from which the tragedy of the situation can be seen.

As it was narrated, he had asked for a uniform, but they did not have to give it to him. Thus in the report he was presented with helmet weapons, kits, painted boots but with the underpants. In my hand, he says, I was holding my old uniform, which was already tight enough not to fit me, nicely ironed on the hanger. In an hour the director of the weapon who had come for inspection, brought me a new, suitable uniform and scolded the officers in front of the whole battalion, he added.

Reason for this story to come to light, a question of a reserve who after several years of studies presented himself for the first time as a reserve, but without a uniform since his uniform from his term was no longer appropriate. He said he was reprimanded by officers who urged him to buy new uniforms with his own money as the service no longer provides. To believe that everyone gives 100 euros to be able to go reserves, he wonders.

The answers started to rain. Many advise him to stop showing up until they give him a uniform, since as they say, it is the duty of the service to supply the reserves with the necessary things. Another says that uniform is given to the reserves every 12 years. Someone with a dose of sarcasm advises: “We do what everyone does. Open shirt, pants to close a button and put a belt to hold it. If they tell you anything, answer them that ten years ago you were half “.

Ironically someone else asks “at least a gun and bullets, did they give you or did they tell you to buy?”

There are those who are on the other side: “Well, buy an army uniform, they did not tell you about a plot. Where do you understand the mind of the Cypriot. You travel to the Maldives and are stingy about your homeland to buy a uniform… “But he got the answer from another:” You are right. Here the politicians bought the Maldives and the army has not gone even half a day in their entire lives. But the homeland above all. “Of course, the verse 'dying for Greece is different and Greece is dying for you' has nothing to do with what is happening in our Cyprus.”

The posts also have the implication:

– “Every day you steal millions but for a reserve uniform you have no money fraudsters”

– “We did as Christos, Geadis, Dimitriou did and many other famous people did”

– “They only have money for limousines”.

– “There is a coup in Mitsero, tell the vultures of the clique of the mass team. So many rials that we give them in defense and the vultures swallowed them! Vultures! “

There are many opinions that in cases where no uniforms are given, the reserves should be presented with policies until those in charge take care to provide them with the necessary things. According to a reserve witness from 1993 who was fired by the National Guard, he did not take anything, while another complains that he was given boots number 45 and while he informed them that they are too big for him, they told him “we have no more, he doesn't mind.”

Another claims that when he asked for a uniform and boots and they did not give it to him, he did not show up again. Others urge the complainant to go with politics until they give it to him.

After all, a mother with knowledge of what is happening wrote: “Here the needs of the soldiers are not covered, will they meet the needs of the reservists? 2 short-sleeved shirts and 3 pairs of socks and stay a week in the camp with such high temperatures in summer… »

Source: 24h.com.cy

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