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Restart in three phases – Five-day dates

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Restart in three phases - Five-day dates

In three different phases, the restart of the Cyprus issue will be attempted in the next four months. Aim by June to make it possible to resume talks aimed at resolving the problem. It seems that the role of the negotiators will be decisive.

According to our information, all parties seem – in one way or another – to agree on the steps that need to be taken from now until the summer in order for mobility to return to the Cyprus issue. Mostly it seems, at least in terms of procedures, to be favored by all parties as the steps that will be taken in the coming months to be careful and there is no rush for results.


The dates and the place of the five-party Cyprus issue have been officially announced : Spehar discussed the “equality” under the microscope Cyprus, informal pentagon and vaccines with t / c parties

The three phases of the restart of the Cyprus problem:

– Phase A: Preparation of the informal 5 + 1 conference with Jane Hall Luth taking a more active role in order to maintain momentum in the Cyprus issue. That is why the special envoy of the Secretary General seems to make two trips to Cyprus in early March and early April. So far only the first trip that will take place next week has been confirmed. It is reported that the UN Secretary General's envoy is returning to the island on April 9 for another round of contacts. Lut's mission is to prepare for the informal pentamer.

– Phase B: The informal 5 + 1 conference (both sides in Cyprus and the three guarantor countries, plus the United Nations) will take place on 27, 28 and 29 April in Geneva . The fact that the informal five-day meeting will be held in the middle of Holy Week (for the Greek Cypriot side and Greece) did not prevent Nicosia from agreeing to its realization. According to our information, the informal five-party is not expected to yield results, ie the resumption of negotiations will be announced. It seems that all parties favor the agreement of the five-party process that will be followed and especially the setting of a timetable within which work will be done at a technocratic level. In other words, the two negotiators and the directors-general of the foreign ministries of the three guarantor powers will work towards preparing for the resumption of substantive talks.

– Phase C: The informal meeting in April is expected to provide a framework within which the negotiation will move to a technocratic level. It seems – according to the existing information – that the UN Secretary General moving in the same way as he moved in Crans Montana and after seeing all the parts, will prepare a new framework (which will probably not differ from the previous one) by calling the five parts to work on it.

Taking into account the latest UN Security Council resolution, it is not ruled out that Antonio Guterres will ask the five to work so that there will be results by the end of June, in order for him to inform the Security Council. And the result will be an agreement to resume talks on the Cyprus issue within an agreed framework.

The demand of the moves, in three phases, in the Cyprus issue will be like at the end of the four months (maybe even earlier) to announce talks that will be aimed at the final negotiation of the Cyprus issue. It is estimated that if all parties work with faith and good intentions there can be results. At the same time, it is becoming clear that neither side seems to be in a hurry for a result, nor is there any pressure from the United Nations to avoid deadlocks and negative results.

Anastasiadis-Tatar meeting is not ruled out

From next week, it is expected that the turn in the Cyprus issue will start to increase, starting with the visits of Borel and Lut.

The High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, will visit Cyprus on March 4th and 5th, and the main topic of his contacts will be the role of the EU in the new effort in the Cyprus issue. The form of the solution and how it should be within the parameters of the EU will be at the center of Borrell's talks with Anastasiadis and Tatar.

After Josep Borrell, Jane Hall Luth will come to Cyprus. According to our information, Lut's visit will take place between March 6 and 8.

During her stay on the island, the possibility is not ruled out that, if there is a positive response from both leaders, an Anastasiadis-Tatar meeting will take place.

Earlier, on March 4, President Anastasiadis is expected to have a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom he will discuss both the Cyprus issue and Euro-Turkish issues.

Source: www.philenews.com

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