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Rethymno: “Mom, this is what you heard” – What the 14-year-old's mother says, how the horror she experienced was revealed

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Ρεθυμνο: «Μαμ ,τι ητΕρα της 14χρονης, πoς αποκαλyφθη&kappa ;ε η φρΙκη που βΙωνε

“He is ashamed to talk to me” he says after the revelations about the ring that exploited and released the minor – Her father was found dead in his car in the area of ​​Mylopotamos

“Mom, that's what you heard,” the 14-year-old from Rethymno reportedly said to her mother after revealing the nightmare she was living as, as it emerged from the EL.AS investigation, she had fallen into the hands of strangers who sexually exploited her.

“'Mom, whatever you heard, that's it,'” he told me. He doesn't want to talk to me, he doesn't want to tell me much. My boyfriend is embarrassed. “Everything you learned from the Police, Mom.” “We will fight it, don't worry, I'm by your side. I am your mother, I am also your father,'” the girl's mother said, speaking to the Star.

It is noted that a few days before the case was made public by the Police, the girl's father was found dead in his car, having inhaled liquid gas and everything leads to the conclusion that it was a suicide. He did not leave any explanation for the reasons that led him there, while no involvement of his has arisen in the case of the child.

How the nightmare of the minor was revealed

From an anonymous complaint in “Smile of the Child” the horror of the 14-year-old girl who had been the victim of rape and sexual abuse in Rethymno, Crete, began to unfold.

According to a related announcement by the organization, the complaint about the girl's suffering was made in the summer of 2023 by a person who wished to remain anonymous. The complaint referred to a continued sexual exploitation and abuse of a minor from the wider mountainous area in the hinterland of Rethymno, where adult men, both foreigners and citizens, are allegedly involved.

Subsequently, the authorities of the area were informed and a police investigation followed, which resulted in the involvement of 12 people. In particular, from the examination of the minor, in the presence of a child psychologist, it was established that she was raped by at least one of the 12 involved and that the others performed sexual acts.

In an investigation that took place at the end of January at the home of the perpetrator allegedly raped the girl, two mobile phones and a pistol cartridge were found and confiscated.

The announcement of the Smile of the Child

“In the summer of 2023, we received an anonymous report from the “National Children's Helpline SOS 1056” from sensitized citizens about continued sexual exploitation and abuse of a minor from the wider mountainous area in the hinterland of Rethymnon, where adult men, both foreigners and local citizens, are allegedly involved.

We proceeded, as in any similar incident, to immediately inform the competent authorities , and we addressed the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate.

The caller from the “National Children's Hotline SOS 1056” was connected by phone with officials from the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate, as the caller wished to remain anonymous.

After this information and connection, in the context of trust and good cooperation with the Organization, the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate immediately initiated all the necessary procedures to locate the 15-year-old and following a prosecutor's order, her living conditions were discreetly investigated.

The mobilization of the Security Directorate of Rethymnon for the said case of the minor was immediate, as it is a common phenomenon in cases of anonymous reports, that the prescribed procedures are not initiated by all the competent authorities, that the reports are archived and not investigated their power, with the result that dangerous people can act at the expense of children, undisturbed.

It's time for child sexual abuse not to “Stay Secret”!

It needs to be reported and people start talking, as in any case, there are obvious worrying signs – either in the body or in the mood or in the general behavior of a child, which foreshadow that he is in danger, but ends up “remaining . . . a secret”. , or by urging the child himself to contact directly the experienced scientific staff of the “The Smile of the Child” Organization, free of charge and anonymously:

On the National Telephone Line for Children SOS 1056, which is staffed exclusively by specialized Social Workers and Psychologists and available nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through the CHAT 1056 App, a new way of instant communication is available to every child who is being abused, so that they feel more secure to chat through written text”.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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