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RIK Trade Unions v. Tsokos – Reason for fear of non-payment of March salaries

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The RIKA problem it is not only the fear of not paying their salary on time in March

Reading the lengthy statement issued by the three main RIK unions on Saturday, one can see that the problem of the RIKAs is not only the fear of not being paid their salary on time in March. After all, it is not the first time that the so-called twelfth quarters have ended and the RIK employees are always in fear that their salary will not be paid on time, while the competent Ministry of the Interior always takes action and steps in as a blood donor for the institution until the budget is approved and that all necessary procedures be carried out. It is evident from the announcement that the unions are fighting against Thanasis Tsokos, whom most employees characterize as a man who, in his attempt to keep the balance within the institution, eventually blocks all procedures in the institution and nothing moves forward!

Fear about wages

The RIK budget arrived at the Parliament at least four months late. When a budget is delayed in reaching the Parliament, then the employees are paid with the so-called twelfth installments which are valid for three months. From the end of March, however, the problems begin. The RIK budget for 2024 arrived late in the Parliament, with the result that it was put up for a vote on March 28. Result; Until a law is made with the state's time-consuming procedures, it is obvious that there is a risk that the RIKAs will not get their money on time. “The possibility that the March salaries will not be paid to RIK staff is an inadmissible event for a Public Law organization. The dynamic reaction of the workers must be considered both a given and prolonged until the performance of the remuneration of the employees. The late submission of the RIK budget to the Parliament clearly burdens the employer side”, the three main RIK unions PEO, EURIK and SYTYRIK state in their announcement.

Against of the address

In their statement, the unions said that on February 23, the management tried to inform the staff that the delay in submitting the budget was not due to the RIK, but to reversals that came from the ministries of interior and finance in September and October 2023. However, continuing in their announcement, the trade unions throw their arrows at Tsokos: The writing samples of the present address on other very important labor issues, such as a) the implementation of the New Pension Law and the non-payment of pensions to those who retired in 2023, b) the inability to the Pensions committee should be staffed, c) the non-inclusion of open-ended workers in the Welfare fund, d) the delay in the recognition of pensionable years, show an inefficient employer that does not apply agreements and legislation, they say. “This image is what troubles us in their position that others and not “us” are responsible for our problems. The unions of the RIK denounce the general inefficient attitude of our employer, which affects the guaranteed and legal rights of the workers”, say the unions.

Attitude of apathy

According to information, the climate between the employees of the institution and the director general Thanasis Tsokos is tense, since the director general of RIK never makes decisions that could advance the actions needed by the semi-state organization. They even accuse Mr. Tsokos that in his attempt to be the equalizer, to keep the balance, he avoids taking any responsibility himself, leaving all sides within the institution unsatisfied. In fact, even in the case of the budget, the general manager left the decisions to the board of directors, since he knew that a reduced budget would not work in his favor and would bear the responsibility that the 41 million requested by RIK finally became 37.5 as a result to pay tax-paying citizen employees of an organization who are at risk of being left without… job scope.

Risk to the program

The RIK's insistence on staying at 41 million and its attempt to keep even the 39.5 million approved by the Ministry of Interior was the main reason why RIK's budget was delayed, after it found a wall in the Ministry of Finance, which cut money and finally locked it to 37.5 million. On the one hand, RIK's decision to persist costs the support of the employees who seem to stand against it, while on the other hand it brings turmoil to the institution, which seems to cancel all external productions as well (Storm, Traditional Night, Kitchen on wheels, Peace pass, etc.), since 90% of the budget will go to salaries and pensions!

Source: politis.com.cy

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