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Road near the closed Halepiane exit – Traffic chaos at the scene

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Τροχαλο κοντ στην κλειστor Εξοδο των Χαλεπια&nu ;oν- Κυκλοφοριακo χaος στο σημεΙο

A traffic accident occurred near the Halepiane exit on the Limassol-Nicosia highway.

Due to the traffic accident and the closed exit, heavy traffic congestion is observed.

It is reminded that it is closed on the Limassol highway – Nicosia, in the direction of Nicosia, the exit to Tseri, in the area of ​​Halepiana, due to the road works for the construction of the Nicosia perimeter highway, which started around 1.00 after midnight, today.

During of the road works, which will last for a period of 2 months, the traffic from Limassol to Tseri will be channeled through the Kotsiatis exit to the old Limassol road – Nicosia, through the light-controlled intersection of Limassol Avenue and Tevkrou Anthia Avenue, in the Industrial Area of ​​Idalio, and the Tseri bypass.

The Police recommends caution to those who travel on the road network, who are asked to obey the code traffic and traffic signals, to avoid road collisions.

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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