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Road race to avoid death traps for motorcyclists – “Oil, gravel, stakes everywhere”

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Αγоνας δρoμου &gamma ;ιααοοσπαδεθν ;οι μοτολετσ-«Λια ;αλΙκια, πασαλακια παντοy» /></p>
<p data-block-key=Countless black spots on the roads are a danger of death for motorcyclists, who every day seem to put up a huge fight to avoid various obstacles they find on their route and of course they manage to avoid them, since otherwise, they can be fatal for the their very lives.

Despite the fact that motorcyclists constantly express their complaints through the FixCyprus service and expect an immediate response from the authorities to repair various black spots on the road network, however, they face with particular concern that the ones that have been repaired so far are very few in comparison with the problems that continue to exist.

Indeed, motorcyclists are very concerned about the fact that, in addition to the fact that several roads need a total upgrade, the rest of the drivers who are inside vehicles and especially trucks do not respect them, as either various soils, gravels, or oils will fall from them, with the result that for them they are dangerous obstacles on their way.

As she also stated in her statements to REPORTERthe press representative of the Cyprus Motorcyclists' Rights Club, Stella Arkadis, “so far, some important corrective actions have been taken on the roads on central arteries to protect motorcyclists, however, there are still several points that are dangerous and our motorcyclists encounter them every day. There are major problems in the road network and the quality of asphalt is bad today. Because they are constantly asphalting some roads and acting like 'patsies', it is very dangerous for motorcyclists because the road is simply not smooth”.

In addition, another serious issue that concerns motorcyclists is that the sprinklers that exist at various roundabouts are not properly regulated, resulting in large amounts of water being in the road, which of course poses a risk of death for the motorcyclist, since it turns into on a slippery road network. “It may seem simple and small problems for the average citizen, however, for the motorcyclist one of them may turn out to be fatal”, said Ms. Arkadi.

It is noted that even the red coating that is on the asphalt at several traffic light points is particularly dangerous for motorcycles, since it can lose the control when the driver passes over it.

As for the protective equipment used by motorcyclists, despite the fact that there is sponsorship for their purchase, what they claim is that there are some cases where the driver cannot be saved when there are such obstacles in the road network. “Precisely because our road network dates back to 1960, it is not possible to continuously pave long distances, especially towards the mountains, which are among the favorite routes of motorcyclists, where the risk is much greater, since there are more turns”, added Ms. Arkadi.

It is also noted that in a reply letter received from the Ministry of Transport by the motorcyclists regarding the road markings on the road surface which are painted and are also obstacles for them, it was mentioned that, “the Ministry follows European specifications in the road network that it controls with a view to the road security. But a large part of the road network is controlled by the Provincial Administrations and the Municipalities”. In fact, at the relevant points indicated by the motorcyclists, they were told that they had painted over the old lines and an effort will be made not to repeat it, as you must first remove the old paint before new paint can be added.

In fact, the Ministry of Transport, according to the motorcyclists, has asked them to inform it whenever they notice various irregularities on the road surface, so that it can intervene in time to solve the various problems that exist on the road network.

Αγoνας δρoμου γι ναφονπγεσατο υοτοσικιστς-«Λια λια, πασαλΕκια παντο»

Αγоνας δρoμου γι ναφονπγεσατο υοτοσικιστς-«Λια λια, πασαλΕκια παντο»

Αγoνας δρoμου γι ναφονπγεσατο υοτοσικιστς-«Λια λια, πασαλΕκια παντο»

Αγоνας δρoμου γι ναφονπγεσατο υοτοσικιστς-«Λια λια, πασαλΕκια παντο»

Αγoνας δρoμου για να αποφyγουν τ&iota ;σγδενοιοσικε ;ιστες-«Λαδια, χαλΙκια, πασαλακια παντοy»

Source: reporter.com.cy

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