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Road race to fight infectious mosquitoes-Temperature helps

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The Health Services continue to be vigilant until the complete fight against the infectious mosquitoes of the Aedes Aegypti species (yellow fever mosquito) detected in the province of Larnaca and the Aedes albopictus species (tiger mosquito) detected in the Limassol province, which however  appear reassuring.

Already, these days, the action plan drawn up by the involved services was implemented, with spraying in public places, which started in the affected areas of Larnaca and Limassol, while hope for a complete fight against mosquitoes, is given by the drop in temperature recorded in recent days, which contributes to their further development.

As he explained speaking to REPORTER the deputy head of the Health Services, Herodotos Herodotos, the areas where the problem is registered have been demarcated, while so far there are no reports of detecting infectious mosquitoes in other cities.  The areas which are still in focus are Dromoloxia, Meneu, Germasogeia and Agios Ioannis. As Mr. Herodotou said, “after the implementation of the first Action Plan that had been organized, with the information of affected residents , from door to door, spraying with larvicide, which kills the mosquito when they are in the larval stage, was and is still being done. As the insecticide and aphidicide have started, in public places like parks and others, in the two cities”.

At the same time, according to Mr. Herodotou, the house-to-house spraying begins in the demarcated areas. In these cases, the tenants will sign a consent form so that the relevant agencies can proceed with spraying in low vegetation. Also, on the same form, the precautionary measures that each owner will take at home, after spraying, are recorded.

A good omen for the reduction of mosquitoes during this period is the weather conditions, since the low temperatures do not allow the hatching of mosquitoes and as Mr. Herodotou said, the temperatures combined with the constant spraying near the Work Cells, will mean the end of of their season, with less or no detection of infective mosquitoes. “According to the traps we have placed, it seems that in the border Cells and with the actions we are taking, we will not have any more detections, even though during the rainy days, no spraying is done”, he explained.

However, a decisive role in the reduction of mosquitoes is played by the contribution of the citizens, after their behavior and the observance of certain practices, such as for example emptying, at least every week, the buckets, old tires, swimming pools, tanks, dishes under pots, where there is trapped stagnant water. This practice, according to Mr. Herodotou, does not allow mosquitoes to lay their eggs and hatch in their yard.

Other measures, which citizens can take, are  placing wire complexes on doors and windows, while at the same time they can use insect repellents, so that mosquitoes do not approach them.

According to Mr. Herodotus, “in addition to the fact that these mosquitoes can transmit some diseases under certain conditions, they also cause terrible discomfort with their bite, because they bite during the day, and not only at night as is the case with ordinary mosquitoes”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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