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Roadblocks: The possibility of uncontrolled crossings for vaccinated people will be discussed on Thursday

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Roadblocks: The possibility of uncontrolled crossings for vaccinated people will be discussed on Thursday

Next Thursday, the bi-communal Technical Committee for Health will exchange epidemiological data and according to the decision taken at the last session, if the data allow, it can be decided that no PCR or rapid test is needed for those vaccinated during roadblocks. , from September 27, according to Dr. Deren Oigar.

According to the media, the “Deputy Minister of Health” and “Chairman” of the “Supreme Committee of Infectious Diseases” stated that on both sides there is a reduction in the number of cases identified and if this decline continues, it will most likely be possible to take a decision to move from September 27 to the second category, the orange and no need for molecular testing or antigen testing for crossings.

There will be no change, he added, for non-vaccinated people who require a 72-hour PCR or rapid test.

Ms. Oigar said that the Technical Committee met last Friday and also discussed the issues of the European vaccination certificate for Turkish Cypriots and the return of AstraZeneca vaccines.

Regarding the European vaccination certificate, Ms. Oigar said that at their meeting on Friday, they were told that no other application is ready for the Turkish Cypriots other than the link, which has been given and is valid until September 30. When another application is ready, they will be informed about it by the e / k side, he added.

Ms Oigar said they would return 40,000 doses of AstraZeneca they received from the EU – she said – on 3 and 10 August. So far, he added, there have been 13,000 – 14,000 vaccinations with this vaccine in the occupied territories. The remaining installments, he continued, have not been used and have an expiration date of October 30, saying that in such a short period of time it is not possible to use the remaining amount. “If we had known that the expiration date was so short, we would not have taken so much from the beginning. We suggested returning the 40,000 doses so that these vaccines would not be wasted and could be used by people who do not have access to vaccines. The request was met positively “.

Noting that this vaccine has good coverage against the D mutation, Ms. Oigar said that despite this there was no demand from the world. Because, he continued, students are expected in the occupied areas at the end of September – beginning of October, but the vaccines expire at the end of October, they will not be able to use them.

According to information from the “Ministry of Education,” he said, there are currently 30,000 students in the occupied territories and another 30,000 are expected from Turkey and 20,000 from third countries. There is, he added, a sufficient amount to vaccinate all of them.

He also said that 431,232 vaccines have been given to date. According to Ms. Oigar, 218,479 people, or 57.19% of the population, have been vaccinated with the first dose and 212,753 with two doses or 55.69%.


Source: politis.com.cy

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