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Robert De Niro on Trump – 'A clown who could become a tyrant'

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<p><strong>Robert De Niro made a surprise appearance in front of the cameras in front of the New York court, where he went against Donald Trump, calling him a “clown” who could become a “tyrant” , with the actor strongly supporting John Biden in the middle of the election campaign.</strong></p>
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“It's my neighborhood,” the Hollywood legend declared as he stood on the sidewalk. “I love this city, I don't want it to be destroyed. Donald Trump doesn't just want to destroy this city, as well as the country and ultimately, he could destroy the world,” said the famous actor, a long-time critic of the former Republican president.

De Niro's intervention was organized by Democratic President Joe Biden's campaign team while at the same time, two steps away, Donald Trump listened to his lawyers buy and plead for his acquittal in the courtroom where his criminal trial is being held.

After calling the GOP nominee a “clown,” Robert De Niro, 80, recalled: “When Trump ran in 2016, he looked like a joke, a clown candidate in the presidential election.”

But “we forgot the lessons of history that show us that other clowns were not taken seriously until they became savage dictators,” he emphasized.

“With Trump, we have a second chance and no one is joking anymore.” . We have a unique opportunity to stop him by voting against him, once and for all,” insisted the actor.

Wearing a gray shirt, black jacket and sunglasses, the “Taxi Driver” and “Good Kids” star made these statements with two police officers by his side who were present at the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, “real heroes”, according to him.

“The only way to protect our freedoms and to preserve our humanity is to vote for John Biden,” said Robert De Niro in front of a series of microphones.

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Source: 24h.com.cy

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