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Rocking around the table is allowed – The Ministry of Health announced new relaxations

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Rocking around the table is allowed - The Ministry of Health announced new relaxations

In the framework of the strategy of restarting the economy and social activity, the following health protocols are attached by the Ministry of Health concerning:

  • Precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19 for those in charge of Organized Camps for Children and Adolescents
  • Precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19 for campers
  • Updated Protocol for the Restart of Focus COVID-19 (the changes are marked in yellow and were made to harmonize with the current protocol in the nightclubs).

Focus Restart Protocol COVID -19

The operation of restaurants (restaurants, taverns, cafes, pubs, snack bars and bars, cafes, restaurants in shopping malls, restaurants in hotels and tourist accommodation, canteens and / or sports clubs, cultural clubs, clubs, restaurants, cultural clubs, clubs) is allowed. etc.), under the following conditions:

Indoors, persons 12 years of age and older have a negative laboratory test or rapid antigen detection test for COVID-19 with sampling within 72 hours, or a vaccination certificate for COVID-19 with at least a dose, provided that three weeks have elapsed since the date of vaccination, or evidence of release in the case of persons with COVID-19, and provided that no period has elapsed within six months from the date of sampling of their initial positive diagnosis,

In each premises to be appointed head of safety and health of the store and to compile a duty list (head of case management SARS-CoV-2, head of completing and maintaining a personnel register for antigen test / safe pass, reference person during inspections).

The 2 sq.m. per person for all areas, for example if a dining area has 400 sq.m. Outdoor / indoor could accommodate up to 200 people provided that the location of the tables as described below allows this number.

Mandatory service exclusively on table seats. Maximum number of people per table 10 people.

When placing the tables, care must be taken that from chair to chair between different tables in all directions there is a distance of at least one meter (1).

The operation and use of the bars inside and outside the dining areas, is limited exclusively for the preparation of food or drinks by the employees and the direct service from the bar is prohibited, with the exception of the cafes which according to their function the public is served directly by the place of preparation of the drinks. It is understood that the marking must be observed on the ground at a distance of two meters, use of a mask while waiting. The maximum number of people on the waiting / service line indoors should not exceed 10 people.

From the 1st of July the operation of the bars that are part of the service of a restaurant is allowed for 5 people to sit or stand at a distance of 1 m from the next group with a similar possibility and with an intermediate distance of 1 m. his seat next to him will be 1 m. the same will apply to the last person in a group, cok.

It must be posted at the entrance of each establishment stating the maximum number of people allowed to be outdoors, the responsibility for maintaining the maximum number of people lies with the person in charge of the business. The maximum number is calculated based on the area of the open space as mentioned above.

Existence, in a clear position at the inlets and where applied to the exits of all premises, a bottle of alcohol solution (with infusion pump and base) for hand hygiene, for the use of customers.

Mandatory proper use of the mask by all employees throughout the work period (with the exception of roasters) – Recommendation for the use of a simple surgical mask as much as possible. It is forbidden to use masks (face shields) without the use of a face mask. When receiving the order, the waiter should be at least one meter away from the table, and the serving should be done quickly in order to reduce the exposure time of the waiter in close contact with the customers.

The use of the mask is mandatory when arriving at a recreation area but also during any movement within the area and when leaving.

Recommended where possible use a disposable menu / price list or posted in prominent places inside and outside the premises or available electronically. Otherwise the list should be thoroughly disinfected after each use (eg laminated, waterproof).

The operation of the playgrounds is allowed in accordance with the provisions and conditions mentioned in the respective Decree.

The supply and use of hookahs outdoors is permitted as defined in the Health (Smoking Control) Law of 2017 under the following conditions.

  1. The serving of the hookah will be strictly individual. It will be strictly forbidden for anyone to share their hookah with any other person in their company.
  2. The preparation of the hookah will be done by the specialist in a separate hookah device with its own rubber and then the ready bowl with the tobacco and the coals will be placed in the customer's hookah.
  3. All the inner parts of the hookah and the rubber will be thoroughly disinfected with specialized steam engines before and after any use. (responsibility for supplying a machine to a service provider store)

In case of buffet serving:

  • Mandatory use of a mask and keeping a distance of at least one meter.
  • The food exhibition area is cut off in an obvious and satisfactory way and the entry-exit of people is regulated. At peak hours, when the number of customers exceeds the maximum number of available seats, the entry – exit and waiting line setting is controlled by a qualified person.
  • It is recommended to place a separating guard (made of plexiglass) between the customer and the food where possible.
  • Upon entering the food exhibition area, in cases where the customer is served by the buffet himself, the correct use of the antiseptic station and the mask by the customers is ensured, before they come in contact with equipment (plates, tongs) or food and on In cases where the buffet is served only by the catering staff, the staff will take the appropriate personal protection measures and will observe strict hygiene rules.
  • It facilitates the fast service of the customers, providing appropriate means of serving for fast passage. The goal is to reduce his stay there between 1-2 minutes. It goes without saying that every time he returns to the buffet, the disinfection and waiting line will take place from the beginning, unless better solutions are found.
  • It is recommended where prepared portions or easily self-catered food or drinks are provided. An example is portioned breads or individual breads / pastries. It is recommended to take into account the environmental aspect, in the use of portioning or wrapping materials.
  • Serving tongs are a critical point. If for some kind of food the sharing of tweezers by the customers is unavoidable, then there must be a nearby hand sanitizer station, and / or disposable gloves for mandatory use by the customer before handling the tweezers, as well as the hotel address / tourist accommodation to ensure frequent change of tongs.
  • The execution of buffet work by the staff includes strict measures of personal protection, hand disinfection every time and a protective mask.

Until a different regulation by Decree, regardless of the type of music offered, dancing on the track is prohibited, the guests will be able to have fun around the space to which the table that has its place belongs.

It is recommended to avoid the use of reusable tablecloths.

After each departure of customers, the tables should be cleaned and disinfected.

Reduce as far as possible cash transactions and instead promote contactless transactions.

Personal hygiene instructions for employees / suppliers in restaurants

– People with symptoms of a respiratory infection should not come to work and consult their personal doctor for further instructions.

-In case of a suspicious incident (employee / customer), the instructions in Annex 2 Covid-19 Suspicious Case Management Guide apply at the workplace located at the address below.


– Suppliers will take measures of personal protection, use of mask, hand disinfection, distances and will follow the instructions of the Security Officer of the premises.

– Joint break between employees is prohibited. The work schedule should be organized in such a way that each employee takes a break alone and preferably outdoors.

– Avoid hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth to reduce the risk of infection with the virus.

– Avoid talking, coughing or inhaling-exhale deeply when handling open food.

– In coughing or sneezing, cover the nose and mouth with the sleeve at elbow height or with a tissue. Used tissue should be discarded immediately after use in the bin.

– Regularly wash workers' hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Carefully dry your hands with disposable paper towels which will be disposed of in the rubbish bin. Hand washing must be done after contact with respiratory secretions and after using the toilet.

Cleaning and disinfection instructions for cleaning staff inside the premises.

– Thorough and frequent cleaning of common objects.

– Special care must be taken for the systematic, adequate and continuous natural ventilation of all areas and with special emphasis on the areas where the staff works (kitchen).

– All surfaces floors, counters, cabinets, bathrooms (floors, basins, sinks, etc.) must be kept clean and disinfected at regular intervals during the day.

– In addition to the usual cleaning work, frequent cleaning of frequently used surfaces (eg knobs, handles, handrails or railings, lifts, switches, taps, etc.) is required with common cleaners, ie liquid soap and water, or 10% household bleach solution (1 part household bleach diluted in 10 parts water) or alcoholic antiseptic (70% alcohol content).

It is noted that cleaning work must be done using gloves.

Particular attention should be paid to cleaning objects and surfaces that have been contacted by a person with symptoms of the virus.

– The plastic bags of the bins, when full, must be tightly tied and removed immediately. Gloves after use should be discarded immediately in the plastic bags of the bins and no attempts should be made to clean them, e.g. washing disposable gloves and reusing them.

Supply the toilets with liquid soap, disposable towels (which will be discarded in foot-operated bins near the sinks), and antiseptic alcohol solution (70% alcohol content).

Source: politis.com.cy

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