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“Roles in a team can not be confused. I was never a clown “

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Savvas Pantelidis came forward after the final end of his cooperation with AEL and the hiring of Silas as his replacement. The Greek coach gave statements (SPORT FM 95.0) and referred to the disagreement he had with Sophocles about the way the football department operates. At the same time, he stressed that the discussion between the two sides did not reach the point of the budget, as the disagreements arose from a very early age.

Among other things, he stressed: “We did not get to the point of talking about the budget and how much it can go up or down. The discussion did not go that far. It all stopped when they realized each other's way. I like some things to be completely professional. Some things would have to change. There were disagreements on the way, it has nothing to do with money. We did not put down to say that we have two drachmas and we have to give three and we do not have them. We did not even enter into such a process. On the contrary I said it again, the president has a vision for the team in the new year. He wants to do much better than this year. But we did not go into finances. Of course, in order to achieve something good, an economic excess must be made. The image I have was very good towards this piece. However, it is very important for everyone to have their role and to work professionally in order to have responsibilities. The roles for a team can not be confused, how it will be designed or how a team will proceed and everyone will be in everything. If you have to do that, then the coach has to be a clown. He forgives me but I was never myself “.

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