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Roula Pispirigou: I was beaten to confess and incriminate Manos with the ketamine

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Ροyλα ΠισπιρΙ&gamma ;κου: Με χτύπησαν για να ομολογorσ ω και να ενοχοποιorσω τον Μàνο με τ ην κεταμiνη

Roula Pispirigou insisted on her innocence during the fourth day of her testimony before the Mixed Jury Court, even complaining that she received physical and psychological violence, with the aim of confessing to a crime, which she claims he has not committed.

“I was convicted before I became a suspect… A legend had begun surrounding my own name. I didn't understand how it started…” said Roula Pispirigou.

She also referred to the difficult times that her family went through due to the wrath of the world, immediately after her arrest in the case of Georgina's murder.

“You have to be mentally ill to put such a motive” said Roula Pispirigou, referring to the motive for the criminal act, attributed to her and which, according to the indictment, is connected to the problems she had with her estranged husband Manos Daskalakis.

“It's stupid, stupid, you have to be mentally ill to put such a motive without evidence”, she said characteristically.

Indeed, as she said, she was pressured to incriminate Manos Daskalakis saying that he gave her the ketamine and she, out of pity, gave it to the child, in order to make him “soft”.

Giving her own version of what happened, she said: “What happened with Georgina and the ketamine I think also led to the prosecution of the other two children…

There was no suspicion of me or anyone else. It was also on file toxicologically and I can't understand how everyone becomes a Pythia and a prosecution is made against me. Things that don't make sense. I don't know what purpose this all served. All the public opinion, from the publications got carried away and has this grudge against me without knowing us… No one else except our close people knew what we were doing in our house. We were not famous, public figures… Just a story was heard. 'How is it possible to have three children in three years?', they said one after the other and suddenly all this happened. All this publicity started…”.

Attack on journalists

Afterwards, Roula Pispirigou, giving her “account, admitted that the interview she gave with her husband, before the case even took the path of justice, triggered a domino of developments, as she received hundreds of messages from journalists every day, as well as others that ” they were threatening my very life”.

And within the next few minutes she turned her arrows towards the journalists as well, claiming that they were saying inaccuracies and that most of the time they published her answers without her consent.

“Journalists have to do their job, but there are some limits when it comes to children. We tried to set some limits, but somewhere we lost it, we couldn't catch up. We couldn't understand why there was this whole climate of compassion and tragedy about the mother killing her child for the father. I never understood that, I saw it in my category. It's stupid, it's stupid, you must be mentally illto put such a motive without evidence. I am outraged. Did it happen because I was alone with my child? All moms are like that. It was all I had left,” she said charged.

“They beat me to confess”

The next chapter of her apology concerned the hours from her arraignment and afterwards, claiming that they forced her to incriminate Manos Daskalakis by saying that he gave her the ketamine and she, out of pity, gave it to the child, in order to fall “softly”.

The defendant said that she was psychologically pressured, saying that everyone in her family thought she was guilty. “No one wants to see you again, everyone believes that, they told me,” she described, while complaining that during the interrogation they beat her to make her confess.

“I haven't done anything, I told them… I don't know what it's ketamine, I can't say about a human being…” she sobbed as she described how she was asked to “get down on all fours” to eat a cheesecake they dropped on the floor.

“I had been arrested and I didn't realize it…” she said, crying, while recalling from her memory that, outside the family's house, there were more than 1,500 people and they wanted to lynch their parents who were inside. In fact, she claimed that the police showed her the images to pressure her.

“I had a man and I didn't have one in the house… I couldn't date Mano all the time, how much can I handle?”

“I was lost in another world…”, she said, describing the shame she felt, while with a strong police force and a crowd of people booing her and calling her “murderer“, she became her firstpresentation to the courts of the former Evelpidon school.

Regarding the months in prison, the defendant said:

“I have been alone for 22 months now and I have no relationship with anyone. In an adjacent cell is another mother from Colonos. They have put a phone on me. I've never gone out, never talked to anyone. At first I didn't eat at all. I had verbal attacks from the window… Fortunately for me, the headmistress dealt with them… For quite some time, when I walked through, the doors would slam so hard they would break them down.”

“He was not worthy of Manos of my expectations”

After the end of the apology of Roula Pispirigou, the president of the court began to formulate her own questions to the accused, who spoke about her acquaintance with the estranged husband .

“I haven't talked about it until now, because we are talking about the skyscraper on the top floor is the child, my and we will meet on the third basement,” she said, noting that their relationship was not as advertised, characterizing in retrospect her own choice incorrect. All she acknowledged to the father of her children is that he “worked all the time, wherever he was told to go”

“It was our joint decision to start a family. I really wanted it. It was too early, but I was very much in love. He was very good, he gave me the feeling that you can have a stable person by your side. This is how Georgina's pregnancy came about,” he mentioned and identified the first problems in their marriage in 2018, when he discovered that he had an extramarital affair.

Sketching the profile of Manos Daskalakis he said:< /p>

“He was a goalkeeper and he thought he was Buffon. We got him special gloves. He wanted an iPhone, a motorcycle, I was finding a way to get them so he wouldn't hurt us. Then the song started. We started microphones, headphones, guitars, consoles. He suddenly became Parios!”.

Roula Pispirigou spoke about the “outbursts” of Manos Daskalakis, who asked for a divorce and then regretted it. “I had a man and I didn't have one in the house… I couldn't date Mano all the time, how much can I manage?”, she said, referring to November 2019 when, while they were separated, he got pregnant with Iris and there was a reunion< /strong>.

The problems, as the accused described, did not stop. “Will you tell me why I went ahead with the second child?”, she said addressing the seat and added: “above all it was my children, since Georgina wanted it, I wanted it too, I didn't care…”.

“He was not worthy of my expectations. I was trying to hide it under the rug…”, emphasized the defendant admitting her own extramarital affair.
According to Roula Pispirigou, Manos Daskalakis returned to their home after Georgina's first objection, while adding that she was the one who proposed to him that they divorce and he agreed.

The accused brought to the court the concerns that it had to do with their separation and her retreat, which always had Georgina as the main motive.

President: How did you experience the loss of the children? How did you grieve as a mom?

Accused: It's easy to judge someone, but if you don't walk in their shoes you can't talk. Malena's illness was sudden… In everyday life I was alive – dead, but behind me I had a child who had needs. I had to find strength, I couldn't realize it. It was unimaginable, very short… I took the black ones out later, I wanted to wear white and pink, my children's favorite colors, I consider black hypocrisy.
“I was angry with Iris… Because I was saying to us. In both losses there was Georgina behind, the motivation to get up and move on. I didn't have time to go to the psychologist about Iris' death, the time was short. I was under too much pressure, I wanted to disappear from everyone. I was drowning… I had above my head the murmur of Manus, the loss of Iris and a family that I saw that I was losing”.

President: How did you experience mourning after death of Georgina?

Accused: Until now I am experiencing it. Bad psychologically. The publicity was good for me, it kept my mind occupied. I went to a psychiatrist, I took pills, I couldn't sleep. I used to have sex with Mano to get physically tired and sleep.

Rula Pispirigou also spoke about the paper throwers she had addressed, stating: “They were sucking my mind even that they have done magic in my house. I was looking for somewhere to get caught. At that time, wherever I was told to go, I would go. From the leading scientist to the paper shredder”.

Roula Pispirigou's apology will continue tomorrow, Thursday.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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