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Rusfeti for Lavrov – Honorary naturalization of Russians, due to their close relationship

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Rusfeti for Lavrov - Honorary naturalization of Russians, due to their close relationship

A secret proposal to the Council of Ministers, secured by “P”, for the honorary naturalization of two women (mother and daughter) from Russia, shows that in the private meeting of the former Foreign Minister G. Kasoulidis with his Russian counterpart, in May During 2017 – during Mr. Lavrov's visit to our country – not only the energy plans of Nicosia, the threats of Turkey in the Cypriot exclusive economic zone and the support of Russia for a fair, lasting and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem were discussed. As it turns out, Mr. Lavrov also requested a για service for the two women with whom, according to the proposal of the Ministry of Interior to the Council of Ministers regarding the granting to them of Cypriot citizenship (dated 24/10/2017), he has a close personal relationship.

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Specifically, according to the proposal, “the Foreign Minister informed the Interior Minister in a letter that during his visit to Nicosia on May 18, 2017, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov asked him to facilitate the naturalization of foreigners living in recent years. in the Republic of Cyprus and with whom he has a close personal relationship. Therefore, it is suggested that a secret proposal be submitted to the Council of Ministers, granting Cypriot citizenship to Messrs. T. and N. for reasons of national interest “. The reasons of national interest invoked by the Foreign Minister in his letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to circumvent the procedure provided by the Law on the Population Archive – because the two ladies did not stay in Cyprus for seven years (they arrived in Cyprus in January 2011 May 2017 was less than seven years) – the following: “Russia with a more recent example the personal intervention of Mr. Lavrov to complete the pending issues of the Cyprus-Russia Double Taxation Agreement, which is known to translate into billions of euros for the Cypriot economy.” In fact, the former Foreign Minister in his letter does not fail to inform that “this is the first time that Mr. Lavrov asks for a facility and considers that its implementation falls within the framework of the law and the responsibilities of the Council of Ministers.”

In very exceptional cases, however

According to paragraph (1) of Article 111A of the Population Archives Laws of 2002-2015, the Council of Ministers may in very exceptional cases of providing the highest level of services to the Republic, which are mentioned in the relevant decision, allow for reasons of public interest to naturalize honorary foreigner, provided that the House of Representatives will be informed in advance. Ms. T. was born in Russia in 1972, while her daughter was also born in Russia in 1996 and are both Russian nationals. As mentioned above, the two arrived in the Republic in January 2011 and since then reside in Cyprus and are holders of temporary residence permits and according to the proposal of the Ministry of Interior “applicants do not meet the provisions of the Population Laws Act 2002 – 2015, to the Minister of Interior to decide on them “. It is noted that dozens of foreigners wait in some cases years after seven years to have their application for naturalization examined, even though they are the spouses of Cypriot citizens.

“P” contacted Mr. Kasoulidis yesterday, who confirmed the above, explaining, however, that he did not ask for the naturalization of the two ladies but a facility, ie to measure the time of some months absent abroad and not to lose the milestone to apply for Cypriot citizenship.

It is emphasized, however, that the law does not allow such a thing, therefore possibly for this the proposal approved by the Ministry to directly concern the honorary naturalization of the two women for the aforementioned reasons of national interest. However, and regardless of the reasons, especially at a time when Cyprus is under the microscope for the naturalization investment program, such services can only provoke, when the Cypriot citizenship secures a European passport.

Source: politis.com.cy

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