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Ruslana: “They are trying to understand nuclear energy, we are all in danger”

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What the singer revealed about the war in Ukraine

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“Ukraine is in a state of emergency. We are not afraid of any Putin, no military action. “We will never give up, believe me!”, Stressed the singer

The Ukrainian singer Ruslana, spoke on the show “Super Katerina”, about the difficulties that the Ukrainian people are experiencing after the invasion of the Russian army. As the war continues for the eighth day, with her in a special shelter as she said the situation is very dangerous.

“Ukraine is in a state of emergency. We are not afraid of any Putin, no military action. We never give up, believe me! What I mean to the world when I say that Ukraine is in a state of emergency is to realize what a second Chernobyl means. Ruslana is safe in a shelter in Ukraine, where the war with Russia is raging for 8 days. The popular singer spoke on the show “Super Katerina” and Giannis Poulopoulos about the tragic moments that her country is experiencing.

At the moment, the Russian army has occupied Chernobyl. They are trying to understand nuclear energy, which means ecological disaster. Remember Chernobyl? Want a second Chernobyl? We are all in danger, not just Ukraine. I have no message for Putin, for me he is dead. “He is no better than Hitler or any other terrorist,” the popular singer initially said. “You have to understand that Putin is a dangerous terrorist. Can you understand that Kyiv is in danger and the people who have been in shelters for a week what about the younger children? People can do nothing. About 10,000 people have died and most of them are Russian soldiers “

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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