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Russia-Ukraine talks on the air: Zelensky's condition and Moscow's suspicion

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With the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in its worst phase, it is not clear until Wednesday morning whether the talks that were said to continue today between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations will actually take place. The two sides began talks in Belarus on Monday to find a way out of the war-torn Russian-led invasion of Ukraine and had said they intended to hold a second round of talks on Wednesday, probably near Poland. >

However, the escalation of the Russian attacks with the crescent of bombings in many cities and the siege of Kyiv, preparing the final attack for its occupation, forced the Ukrainian side to put on the table the demand for a ceasefire during these negotiations./p>

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement that he was disappointed with the massacre of civilians in his country, saying “it is necessary to at least stop bombing people, just stop bombing and then sit down at the negotiating table.”

For its part, Moscow believes that Ukraine is not in the mood to have meaningful talks because it is under pressure from the West. Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Gennady Gatilov, has said that “there is no desire on the part of Ukraine to find a just and balanced solution to the problems between the two countries.” He added that “Russia supports diplomacy based on respect for the positions of all countries and the principle of equality, but for the time being we do not see such a thing.”

However, according to the Russian news agency TASS, today's talks will take place, while Ukrainian media reported that in the first meeting, Russia asked Ukraine to pledge to stay out of NATO and at the same time recognize the Donetsk People's Republic and Lugansk at the administrative border of the respective regions, but also to withdraw its request for the return of Crimea to Ukraine, with the government of Kiev asking Moscow to withdraw its troops from the country.

Whether or not the two delegations will eventually meet, either today or in the coming days, it is clear that at this stage of the military operation it is difficult for them to reach anywhere. After all, the gap between the approaches of the two sides was visible on Monday, so no progress was made.

This is because Moscow and Vladimir Putin seek full dominance in the military field, in order to impose policies and any other solutions they wish, leading Ukraine to full control in the future.

And Ukrainian President Zhelensky's priority is to strengthen his country's defense capabilities, knowing full well that unless relations on the battlefield change somewhat, Russia's advance will not stop. That's why, in an interview with Reuters and CNN, he called on NATO members to impose a no-fly zone over Russian air force – the Alliance has so far refused to be directly involved in the conflict. “Our partners, if they are not ready to take Ukraine into NATO, because Russia does not want to, should work out joint security guarantees for Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

Source: protothema.gr

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