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Russians demand the start of direct flights to Russia-pseudo-states

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The start of direct flights to Russia-pseudo-states is demanded by Russian citizens living in the occupied territories

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The “president” of the “solidarity association of Russian speakers” living in the occupied territories, Marina Kozdal, in her exclusive statements to the correspondent of the Ankara Anatolia news agency (AA) in the occupied territories, said that they would be very happy to start direct flights between Russia and the pseudo-state.

According to the online “Cyprus Postasi”, as reported by the Press Office and Information, he also said that the “TRNC” is a “country” with many advantages in terms of conducting trade, noting that it lives and works in the occupied territories and deals with trade.

Also, in his statements , Russian businessman Mergen Hudeynazarov, explained that for 5 years there has been trade between their country and the “tdvk”, as he called the pseudo-state, and argued that the request for making direct flights between Russia and “tdvk”, is not only his personal request, but also a request of Russian citizens living in Cyprus.

He also said that if direct flights start, the price of air tickets to Russia will be reduced and that will help you,

strong> as he mentioned, women and children to travel.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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