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S. Augusti: The administrator of the aid

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The coach commands the field

Σ. Αυγουστor: Ο διαχειριστorς τη ς ενiσχυσης

Omonia is constantly active in the field of aid, so that it can carry out its mission efficiently and on time. The people of the team are looking at various cases of players who will increase the quality and depth of the roster.

In some cases patience is needed, but all Omoniats hope that the managers will not wait this year … all summer like they did last year leaving situations pending until the last minute. They hope that the alternative cases are also considered in such a way that the issues end in time for the team to go into preparation with a sufficient number of players.

Since the report is about preparation, Omonia will definitively start this year's European journey from the second qualifying round of the Conference League. The “greens” hoped yesterday that Sevilla would manage to finish in 7th place in the Spanish league, but this did not happen. The first game for the Greens is set for July 27 while the second leg will be played on August 3.

The team people are looking at various cases of players of sufficient football caliber and stature

Omonia wants the trunk. Consisting of existing ones as well as those who will come. To make the team, (initially by making the moves), and then to prepare, but also to assemble properly. Names are circulated, which are almost always denied from within. Either justifiably, because they don't exist, or deliberately because of competitors.

The people at the team are looking at various cases of players of sufficient footballing caliber and stature who will raise the quality and depth of the roster.

Everything is done within the financial limits that have been determined, without excluding the excess, if it is considered that there will be something worthwhile for this.

From the scenarios and indications it is clear that the main if Sofronis Augustis is not the absolute administrator of the post-registration aid. Let's not forget his statements after the final: “I know what players we need”, he said among other things. In other words, he said that … “I am the one who decides”.

As for the Technical Director…let's look at him first and then define his role. So far from what has been officially said, there is a short list of candidates. Unless the man has been locked up and is working by …remote control in top secret conditions, taking part in the planning. With Omonia, in the last two years no one can be sure of anything.

The coach is surrounded by a staff that, since it has not been announced that something has changed, it is assumed that it remains the same. The apparent important role of the coach is something that satisfies the world because no one has confidence in those who did last year's planning. They either identified players or negotiated them.

We remind you that Artem Besedin, Fotis Papoulis, Hector Youste, Fotis Kitsos left, while Fouad Bashirou renewed.

With the current data, Omonia is entitled to five transfers of foreign members to list A, since it has 12.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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