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S.I.K.A.A. – Advice to consumers on restaurant prices

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The announcement refers to publications and posts that aim to harm the province of Famagusta

With its announcement, the Famagusta Leisure Centers Association stands for publications that mention complaints about the prices in restaurants in the Province, citing targeting. In the continuation of the announcement, the link lists a series of tips for consumers to make the right choice.

Initially the announcement states that, “we regret to note once again the targeting of our province before the August holidays where Cypriot and foreign tourists have planned or will plan their holidays and make reservations in our province”.

Reference is then made to the publications but also to the complainant who, as the announcement emphasizes, “is being done without knowledge and the legal status of illegality on the matter is affecting our province, and our businesses in Cyprus and abroad in the midst of a difficult tourist season”.

The complaints about the prices every year that they were robbed, that it costs so much but is expensive, etc. have no basis and no background since the prices and the price list are posted and stamped according to legislation by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism at the entrance of each business before the customer even enters. Then there is again a price list that the customer takes in his hand before ordering, which again shows the prices and is sealed and checked by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. If it is a canteen, there must be a price list in a prominent place again before ordering and knowing the prices.

There is no ceiling on the price. Some food in one restaurant is €15 and in another restaurant €150 depending on what it offers and its category.

Every year all catering centers get an operating license from the Ministry of Tourism and the price lists for the year are checked. Unfortunately for us since January when we put the price lists into use every week one supplier comes and puts an increase in the raw material which is deducted from our profits, while the selling prices remain the same. Not to mention the prices of electricity, gas and other expenses that have doubled.

Please, if you find any catering center without a price list at the entrance or does not give a price list in hand before you order, the Ministry of Tourism can be informed immediately, which can legally close the business immediately. If the price in the price list is different from the price on the bill, the Deputy Ministry should be informed immediately because it is a fraud.

The well-known phrase we went to eat and we were robbed has no substance as long as there is a product price!

We ask holidaymakers before entering any catering center to read the price list at the entrance if it is within what they can spend. There are many options.

Please understand some of our mistakes and inform us immediately to correct them because we work in adverse weather conditions day and night.

Reserve a table in time so that we can serve you better.

We thank the Cypriot and foreign tourists who love and support our Province and our Island, and we promise them the best service and culinary experience. .

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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