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Saint Barbara: She was talking to her husband on the phone at the time her father killed him

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ΑγΙα Βαρβαρα: Μ ιλοyσε με τον Αντρα της στο τηλΕφ&omega νο τη στιγμor που τον σκoτωσε ο πα&tau ;eρας της

The daughter of the attacker is said to be the one who heard her mother shout “Rixtu”

New information comes to light about the murder of the doctor in Saint Barbara from his father-in-law.

In particular, according to the report of Alpha's T-Live show, the doctor was talking on the phone with his wife at the time when the father shot and killed him. In fact, according to the same information, while the wife was talking to the doctor on the phone, she allegedly heard her mother yelling at her “where are you going, you soul?” and shortly to tell her husband “get over it”.


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Tense relationship within the family

Relationships in the family were allegedly strained as within a year they had been taken to the local police station four times as according to information from the Star, they had proceeded to sue each other for domestic violence and physical harm.

Specifically, according to the report, on November 15, 2023, they were all taken to the police station in a patrol car after an intra-family incident. A lawsuit had been filed by the perpetrators' daughter for past abusive behavior against her. That day the victim had told the police that his father-in-law cursed and threatened him, but he did not want to press charges against him. His father-in-law claimed that the son-in-law had threatened him and tried to hit him, but his daughter stepped forward. The victim's wife and mother-in-law had claimed that her daughter tried to hit her, but was stopped by the victim and her husband. All four had been arrested and a case had been filed.

At the same time, the previous day, on November 14, the urologist's wife had filed a lawsuit against her parents for domestic violence and bodily harm.

However, similar incidents allegedly took place last summer as well, as on June 6 the daughter filed a lawsuit against her mother for insulting her, while on July 23 her mother filed a complaint about threats she had received from her daughter.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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