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Sale will be suspended after application for “Rent Against Installment”

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The law was approved following a proposal by AKEL deputies

Θα αναστελλεται η εκποΙηση μ ετα απo αΙτηση για το «ΕνοΙκιο Eναν τι Δoσης»

The Plenary of the Parliament approved a law that allows the suspension of the home sale process by applying to the “Rent Against Installment” plan, but also by submitting an objection to participate in the specific plan.

The law was approved following a proposal by AKEL deputies, based on which the submission of an application to the “Rent Against Installment” plan is an additional reason for filing an appeal in a provincial court by a mortgage debtor, as well as by any interested party for setting aside the intended sale of a mortgaged property , respecting the provisions and deadlines provided for in the basic law.

At the same time, it was approved by a majority with 21 votes in favor and 18 against, an amendment submitted by the MP of the Environmental Movement – Citizens Cooperation Stavros Papadouris, so that for purposes suspension of the sale process, the applicant's objection should also be received for the purposes of his participation in the “Rent for Installment” Scheme.

In his statement, AKEL Member of Parliament Andreas Pasiourtidis stated that the specific law proposal legally enshrines the right of the applicants to suspend the auction of the main residence and expressed his satisfaction that all the parties involved agreed with it. He also stated that they will vote in favor of the Papadouris amendment, since it extends this suspension during the appeal.

The MP Stavros Papadouris stated that he tabled the amendment based on the experience of the Home Plan and all the procedures that existed for application and objection issues, where despite the commitments that the procedures would not proceed, some of them proceeded.

DIKO MP Chrysis Pantelidis said that DIKO is in favor of AKEL's proposal, praising the party for the initiative. He also praised the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, KEDIPES and all the political parties that in a few days helped to reach a conclusion on the text of the law.

He spoke about another piece of legislation on Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and foreclosures which meets the constructive attitude of the Government.

At the same time, he said that they are voting against the Papadouris amendment, since there were assurances from the authorities that the proposal of law also covers cases of objection, since each application remains pending until it becomes effective.

ELAM MP Sotiris Ioannou spoke in favor of the proposed law and the amendment. He said that it is perfectly reasonable not to proceed with the sale while the application is pending, while regarding the objection he said that in the “Hestia Plan” there were many cases where the sale proceeded amid objection. At the same time, he expressed concern about the criteria for inclusion in the “Rent for Installment” plan, which he described as very limited.

EDEK Member of Parliament Ilias Myrianthous was both in favor of the proposed law, which, as he said, comes to correct weaknesses of the Plan, and in favor of the Papadouris amendment, stating that although it appears as redundancy, it will not differentiate anything for the implementation of the Plan, on the contrary, he clarifies problems that may have had a different understanding.

At the same time, he expressed satisfaction for the approximately 600 applications that have already been made for the Plan to date, and called on those covered to apply immediately. At the same time he said that the Government should then see other requests for inclusion in the Plan.

The MP of DIPA – Cooperation, Alekos Tryfonidis, agreed with the proposal and the amendment. At the same time, he said that there were several distortions in the “Rent vs. Installment” Scheme regarding citizens with low incomes who for various reasons cannot apply and the issue must be discussed so that these can be corrected.

DISY MP Savvia Orfanidou noted that the Plan was initiated by the previous administration. In this particular case, he said, they agree to make improvements, as long as the competent bodies such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are also in favor. Regarding the amendment, Papadouri said that they do not support it after they were assured that there is no reason for it.

DIKO MP Zacharias Koulias referred to issues that do not allow inclusion in the “Rent vs. Installment” Plan, such as the issue of co-ownership and the absence of a separate title, which must be examined.

AKEL Member of Parliament Aristos Damianou said that the “Rent for Payment” plan is a government bill and what the Parliament does is not to legislate. He added that if the MPs from the co-governing parties can bring improvements, they should do so. the question of where such a thing is foreseen and for this reason its amendment is considered necessary.

Mr. Pantelidis said that it was an explicit position of the assistant Financial Commissioner and that there is also case law on the issue.

Mr. Papadouris said that the effort is to avoid putting people through unnecessary procedures.

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