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Satisfaction of environmental organizations for remedial measures in Akamas

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The environmental organizations BirdLife Cyprus, Terra Cypria, the Wildlife Conservation Society (CWS) and the Initiative to Save Natural Coasts express their satisfaction with the content of the supplementary Report prepared for the assessment of the construction works in Akamas, which, as point out, proposes a series of remedial measures to restore the environmental damage caused in the area by a series of interventions that they themselves "identified and denounced".

In a joint press release, the organizations that are independent members of the ad hoc committee for the Special Ecological Assessment, recall that the violations concerned the non-compliance with the legally binding conditions of the initial Special Ecological Assessment in the construction projects of the first phase of the road network improvement in Akamas and note that the remedial measures proposed by the supplementary Report to repair the damage to the area are a positive step in the right direction for the future of Akamas. They also consider the commitment to re-evaluate at an ad hoc committee level the next phases of improving the road network in Akamas as well as the visitor service “nodes” to be positive.

They indicate, however, that as the Minister of the Environment pointed out in the Council of Ministers, the conclusions of the administrative investigation into the road network improvement works are incomplete, while it seems that no responsibilities are being sought or assigned, and they note that they await the conclusion of the third investigation that is underway, for the documentation and attribution of responsibilities where they are located. Environmental organizations consider it necessary to attribute responsibility to avoid other such mistakes in the future.

Finally, in relation to the recent decision of the EU to refer Cyprus to the European Court of Justice for the insufficient protection of Natura 2000 areas, the four environmental organizations note that the development makes even more urgent is the issuance of ministerial decrees that will promote the proper management of all Natura 2000 areas, including Akamas, requesting that these Management Plans immediately acquire legal status, through the issuance of Management Decrees.

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