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Save the kazoo with Gomis

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Even though it was difficult, Aris made it two out of two, beating Doxa at home 2-1

Γλyτωσε το καζο με Γκο μiς

Aris was nervous but succeeded in the end, winning 2-1 against Doxa in “Alfamega”. Spilefski's team fell short of their best self, however, Gomis' well-timed penalty kick in the final stages of the game gave the Limassol team their second consecutive three points. The goals of the match were scored by Sumanski 58', Brosson (self) 65' and Gomis 85'.

1st half

With Aris having the initiative of the moves and Doxa waiting in their own half, the game started in Limassol.

Just in the 2nd minute of the match things became even more difficult for the Katokopia team. Trujic after a hard foul on Sane saw the red card, leaving his team with 10 players very early on.

With the numerical advantage in their favor, Aris came forward and missed a huge opportunity in the 15th minute for 1-0! Modnor crossed from the left with Babika getting a header and the ball going just wide of Siskowski's left crossbar.

Three minutes later in an identical phase, Stepinski again from Montnor's cross was unable to beat the Doxa goalkeeper who made an excellent header save.

In the 24th minute the “Light Brigade” threatened again with Sane's cross from the right going just wide.

The team from Limassol continued to have absolute superiority and in the 37th minute they missed another great opportunity with Babika's diagonal shot from the right going just wide of Siskowski's right crossbar.

Thus the two teams were taken to the locker room with 0-0 being the halftime score.

Second half

The replay started slowly with Aris has control of the ball and Doxa stays true to her tactics.

In his first chance in the second half, the Limassol team opened the scoring with Sumanski in the 58th minute! The Belarusian midfielder with a nice shot in the first half from the height of the area sent the ball into the right corner of Siskovsky who was unable to react.

Despite their numerical advantage, however, Doxa reacted 8 minutes later! Antoniadis crossed from the right with Vanas unable to control the ball, it hit the post and then Brorson before ending up in the net.

Then the Limassol team turned up the heat and missed a big chance in the 74th minute with Kazou's header after a cross going just wide.

Two minutes later, Brosson brought down Cleofilos who was coming out alone with Vanas and the ref of the match showed the red card to the first. So the two teams continued until the final with 10 players.

A few minutes later, specifically in the 82nd minute, Andreas Argyrou pointed the white ball in favor of Aris for Antoniadis' hand. The VAR checked the phase and agreed with the referee's decision. Nevertheless, it is a phase that will be discussed as it is not clear whether it is in the hands of the Cypriot defender.

The execution was undertaken by Gomis who was accurate to make the final 2-1 in the 85th minute.



Aris (Spilevsky): Vana, Musuda (69' Kazou), Brown, Spoliaric (75' Gomis), Stepinski (69' Bengtsson), Sane, Struski, Brosson, Modnor (46' Maiabella), Urosevic, Babika (46' Sumanski).

Glory (Sakkas): Siskovsky, Padic, Sielis, Trujic, Trajcevski (87' Apia), Nabi (87' Puric), Antoniadis, Mohamed, Stylianou, Kyriakou (67' Sesepovic), Assade (55 ' Asante).

Scorers: 58' Sumanski, 85' Gomis/65' Brosson (own)

Yellows: 54' Brown/45' Trajcevski

Reds: 76' Brosson/2' Trugic

Referee: Argyrou M. Andreas

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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