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Savvidis on Thanasis: Let's wait for the completion of the police investigations

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Σαββiδης για &Theta ;αναση: Να αναμένουμε τη συμπλorρω ση των αστυνομικoν ανακρiσεων

The only thing we can do in relation to the death of national guard Thanasis Nikolaou is to wait patiently for the completion of the police investigations so that it becomes clear whether there will be any conclusion, said Thursday the Attorney General of the Republic, Giorgos Savvidis, after from the awards ceremony for the "Study Competition for Draft Implementation Plans for the Legal Service Building".

Asked to report if there is any development in relation to the investigative work on the death of the unfortunate national guard, on the occasion of next Saturday's protest by Thanasis' family outside the Legal Service, Mr. Savvidis said that the Police should hand him over report soon and in a regular period that he set.

As Mr. Savvidis explained, during the meeting he had a few weeks ago with the family, they had agreed that they would not make any public comments, so that to leave the police unhindered to carry out the investigative work.

He also said that "the current leadership of the Legal Service made a lot of efforts to reopen or to do what can be done today, after 17 years, to find those responsible for the death of the unfortunate national guard".

«All we can do is to wait patiently for the completion of the police investigations in the regular time period I set, so that we can see if there can be any conclusion,», he said.

He also noted that there was and is ongoing communication between the four police investigators and the one private investigator he appointed as a criminal investigator with the family.

"Until a few days ago, there was a meeting in the presence of the family and in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Police and the police investigative team. A review of where the whole thing stands. I will limit myself to what we have already said that we do not want to make any public statements until this process is over, he said. >———————————————— ——————————–

In relation to the findings under study and concerning the  possibility of committing criminal offenses in the Central Prisons, in the complaints of the Director of Prisons about the former Commander of the YCAN and in the fixed bets in basketball, the Attorney General said that the  Legal Service has to deal with all three specific issues, however, he noted that it also has to deal with a lot of other issues, which are constantly in front of it and which it has to handle.

He assured that "all subjects receive the correct and thorough  study for each case separately.

I understand, said Mr. Savvidis, "that there is a desire to have results, decisions and solutions as soon as possible, but on the other hand I want to confirm once again that we make our decisions based on the analysis of the scientific data and we receive them away from any pressure whether it comes from journalists or anyone else”.

He also noted that when the Legal Service is ready, the necessary statements will be made, to express the appreciation that it will it is ready soon.

Besides, he said that with the Sports Ethics Committee he has  to arrange a meeting to be held next week at the Legal Service to note that at this they will speak to all members and exchange views on both their current findings and any other thoughts they may wish to share with them.



Asked at what stage is the investigative work on the naturalization cases before the Police, Mr. Savvidis said that there are many cases, which are being examined by the Police, to note that "some of them are in the final stage" .

As he said, the Legal Service expects that once the files are completed they will be submitted to it.

"It must be understood", he said, "that many times when a report is submitted from the investigators does not mean that the interrogation is over. It may be found that some evidence needs further study and further direction from Legal Service officers and this is something that may result in the file being sent back to the police authorities. This can be done several times until the Legal Service feels safe that what should be done in the investigative work has been done, so that safe decisions can be made, he underlined.

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