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Scapoullis wonders – What he said about the controversial phases of the derby

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Scapoullis wonders - What he said about the controversial phases of the derby

The controversial phases of the derby between Anorthosis and APOEL were analyzed by Christakis Skapoullis in the show “Goals and Spectacle” of RIK.

He considered Artymatas's second goal to be an easy phase and wondered why it took five minutes to be validated by the VAR, while he also questioned why the VAR player did not inform Theoulis that there was a penalty in the final for Arayuri's hand. He also stressed that APOEL should feel lucky that Danilo was not sent off.

Detailed what he said about the phases of the derby…

29 ′ Penalty requested by Anorthosis with Laferti: No such penalties are given, it is a simple contact.

47 τι Penalty requested by Anorthosis with Korea: It is clear that Korea sought to take the penalty.

59 Ν Danilo's yellow card, was there a red card? As the player went, did he endanger the opponent's health? If we answer yes, it is a miscarriage. They were lucky in APOEL that the referee showed a yellow card. Instead of calming down, the APOEL players were protesting against the yellow card. It was easily covered if it gave red.

70 δεύτερο The second goal Artymata: Warda leaves a very normal position. The others leave, telling the referee 'I'm not a player now'. A very easy phase. The assistant raised his flag incorrectly and the VARistas and the referee spent another five minutes. We need to know in those five minutes what was said, I wonder.

97 Α APOEL penalty for hand Arayuri: The position of the hand is not normal, it is above the shoulder. I wonder even now. Why didn't the VARistas tell the referee that there was a blatant violation?

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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