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Scavenger hunt of Turkish Cypriot assets – 30% went to non-refugees (VIDEO)

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Φαγοπoτι του&rho ;κοκυπριακoν περιουσιoν-Το 30% κα/></p>
<p> <strong>Three out of ten commercial real estate throughout Cyprus are occupied by non-refugees.</strong></p>
<p>According to a publication of "Filelefthero" the patent followed in Paphos, with the long-term allocation of Turkish Cypriot real estate without following criteria and serving interests, was applied everywhere. and management of Turkish Cypriot assets, has not achieved its goals. What is done is not easy to undo.</p>
<p>He pointed out that all measures are being taken with the aim of managing Turkish Cypriot assets in a dignified and transparent manner. "Some measures have already been taken, such as the publication of the properties to be sold. The lack of computerization, although initiated, will not be resolved immediately due to the bidding process that needs to be done. Employees have been hired, in order to solve the problem of collecting rents.</p>
<p>In the meantime, the Assistant Director of the T/K Property Management Service clarifies that the properties in the hands of non-refugees mainly concern fields and unusable land, which was given to local authorities. "Approximately 28% was given to local authorities to create green spaces, etc.".<br /> In the Auditor General's report on Turkish Cypriot assets, however, facts and figures were identified.</p>
<p> The Spokesman of the Audit Office Service Marios Petridis stated that "we detected illegalities in the execution of the contracts as well. We have seen properties being given to non-beneficiaries, without prior publication»</p>
<p> The matter is expected to be discussed tomorrow in the refugee committee of the Parliament.</p>
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