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Scenarios for dealing with terrorist acts in the “NEMESIS 2022” exercise

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Σεναρια αντι&mu ;ετoπισης τρομοκρατικorς ενΕργε&iota ;ας στην Ασκηση «NEMESIS 2022»

Scenarios for dealing with terrorist acts on a hydrocarbon extraction platform, surveillance on suspicious ships, extrication and airlift of the injured, mass rescue due to abandonment of the platform, as well as dealing with marine pollution were included in the multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2022”, which took place on Thursday within 9 nautical miles of EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, with the participation of 8 countries.

In  announcement of the Larnaca Search and Rescue Coordination Center (RSRC) states that the multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2022” took place today, Thursday, within the licensed sea blocks 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 of the EEZ of Republic of Cyprus. 

Personnel from Cyprus, Greece, France also participated in the exercise,  the United Kingdom, the USA, Israel, Italy and Egypt, by 3 private companies, as well as by the European Services (EMSA) European Maritime Safety Agency and  (REMPEC) Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Center for the Mediterranean Sea.

It is added that "part of the scenarios of the exercise were monitored by the KSED facilities  in Larnaca, the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petridis together with the Ambassadors and Defense Attaches of the countries that participated in the exercise.

The exercise took place “for the 9th consecutive year and is part of the preparation of all government services, which are involved in the implementation of the energy program of the Republic, with the aim of their readiness to deal with any emergency incident on hydrocarbon extraction platforms. The general coordination of the design and execution of the exercise was carried out by the KSED, in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, the National Guard, the Cyprus Police and the Department of Fisheries.

According to the announcement "the exercise included scenarios dealing with a terrorist attack on a hydrocarbon extraction platform, surveillance on suspicious ships, extrication and airlift of the injured, mass rescue following the abandonment of the platform, as well as dealing with marine pollution.

It is noted that "for the effective management of the specific scenarios of the exercise, the trial application of three Special National Plans (SNPs), which are included in the Basic National Crisis Plan of the Republic of ZENON, was required.

In particular, the EAC “SHIELD” was activated. of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, which deals with dealing with terrorist acts, the EAC "TEVKROS" of the Ministry of Defense, regarding a mass rescue after a maritime accident and the EES "ORFEAS" of the Ministry of Agriculture, which deals with dealing with marine pollution.

A total of 7 media from foreign countries, 12 media and services of the Republic of Cyprus, 3 private companies and 2 European organizations participated in the exercise.

< p>Specifically, a frigate of the Hellenic Navy, a C-130 type aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force, a French naval cooperation aircraft «ATLANTIQUE»,  a helicopter from the UK's 84 SQUADRON, an Italian P-72 aircraft, an Italian Coast Guard offshore vessel and an American P-8 aircraft.

In addition, from the Republic of Cyprus participated “five warships of the Naval Command of the Greek Navy, two helicopters of the 460 MED, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the 470 Aviation Command of the National Guard, a helicopter of the MAEP, an aircraft from the Department Dason and two patrol boats of the Port and Maritime Police. 

In addition, they participated in the exercise "the tanker "ALEXANDRIA" of the company PETRONAV, financed by EMSA, as well as a vessel of the private company EDT Offshore, while the company PETROLINA covered part of the fuel of the aeronautical means that participated in the exercise.

In the announcement it is also noted that “in terms of Special Operations Teams, the Special Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Motorized Direct Action Unit of the Police, the Airborne Parachute Team of the 31st MEED of the Special Operations Command of the Hellenic Army, the 747th Special Engineer Battalion of the Hellenic Army, the special team of the 865th Air Supply Battalion, Underwater Destroyer Teams of the Navy's Defense Forces and the Cyprus Frogman Reserve Association (SEVAK). , specialized nurses of the Ambulance Service of the State Health Services Organization, the 2 Special Rescue Teams of Larnaca and Paphos Airports, as well as the Marine Pollution Response Team of TATHE.

As stated in the announcement "during the exercise they were used the facilities of the “Andreas Papa” Air Base ndreou» and the Naval Base “Evangelos Florakis” of the National Guard.

Source: KYPE 


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