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SEC: Hourly Government Personnel is an active volcano

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ΣΕΚ: Ενεργη&phi ;αλστειο το Ωρομλσθιο Κυβερνητ&iota ;κo Προσωπικo

“An active volcano” is the Hourly Government Staff due to the delay in the renewal of its collective labor agreement and the non-filling of hundreds of Hourly Government Staff positions throughout the Public Service, OEKDY SEC says in a press release, adding that the requests to renew the collective contracts have been submitted since the beginning of November, however there has been no substantial progress or position from the side of the Government.

OEKDY SEK assures the Hourly Government Staff that it is determined to fight vigorously for a substantial improvement in their salaries and for the filling of vacant jobs and declares its readiness for joint action with the other trade unions to achieve the above objectives in the coming month , which is very critical for any developments.

The pay scales of Hourly Government staff are much lower than the pay scales of Civil Servants, he says adding that since the year 2009 there has been no general increase except reducing starting scales by 10%, freezing raises for five years, cutting wages from 2012-2022, reducing shift allowances and other benefits, and reducing overtime compensation.

Notes that although the overall Civil Service payroll has increased, the cost of hourly Government Staff payroll has fallen in recent years and is well below the cost of Hourly Payroll as well Government Personnel of the year 2011 and states that in addition to the reductions in their salaries, the Hourly Government Personnel were also burdened with the insufficient staffing of the Departments/Services.

"With the thousand or so vacant positions of Hourly Government Personnel, the state does not save money but spends much more than the employment of Hourly Government Personnel costs, as in order to be able to operate some services, the state pays overtime and buys services from private companies to the point where one can argue that public money is being wasted,” he adds.

He also states that where machinery, weapon systems, electronic systems, networks, etc. need to be maintained. not done properly due to understaffing and costing the tax payer much more to fix. He adds that in some cases, due to insufficient staffing, proper controls are not applied to implement legislation, prevent damages and accidents, there is no adequate protection of citizens and the smooth operation of many state services.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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