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SEC: The Government's new measures do not cover the real needs

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“Piecemeal approaches” fail to promote economic growth and social cohesion, guild says

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The five measures announced by the Government to deal with punctuality, do not cover the real needs of the society, says the SEC, expressing its displeasure in a statement. “Piecemeal approaches” do not serve to promote economic growth and social cohesion, he adds.

The Confederation mentions in particular that the measure in relation to the extension of the electricity subsidy for the months of May-June, is an approach that “will not have a substantial benefit to consumers” since consumption is limited in this particular period and formulates the position that it would be more useful for the subsidy to also apply to the summer months, during which electricity needs are much greater.

In relation to the removal of the fuel subsidy, the SEC says that only through the initiation of a targeted debate at the political level on the green tax reform will it provide definitive and not piecemeal solutions on the basis of granting comprehensive compensatory measures.

In addition to as regards the measures to support the vulnerable groups of the population with lump sums, he considers that if the Government did not proceed with the abolition of the annual company fee of €350 with a total revenue for the state of 45m. annually, social support would be more enhanced and helpful to workers, pensioners, low-wage earners and small and medium-sized businesses.

Finally, with regard to the Government's position on ATA, the SEC says that this is an important benefit that comes from collective labor agreements and cannot be linked to the productivity and competitiveness of the economy.

SEK also states that it expects the Government to make use of the framework of social dialogue, in order to promote the reforms that are interconnected with the comprehensive and green tax reform and to enable the required compensatory measures for a smooth transition, the pension reform and the expansion of the institution of collective agreements in a way that they can support all workers.

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