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SEC warning: No change in the philosophy of GESS

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SEC warning: No change in the philosophy of GESS


The SEC states that it will not accept any change in the legislation of the GESS that will differentiate the philosophy of the institution and its mono-insurance character and will fight with all its forces, any attempts to undermine it.

SEK with its announcement notes that GESS has been embraced by the vast majority of our society and this was confirmed by the results of a recent independent survey conducted by the University of Nicosia, which among other things recorded that 82% of beneficiaries consider it very satisfactory the quality of the health services provided by GESS and they consider that it has greatly improved their quality of life.

It is also reminded that the necessity and importance of GESS was sealed in the successful management of the pandemic since everyone recognizes that without GESS things will not be extremely difficult, he notes.

He states that “Certainly there are several things that still need to be done in order for the GESS to fully meet the needs and expectations of the citizens. Of course, this will be done gradually and in a long-term planning so that the changes are completed smoothly and do not endanger the viability of the System. The Health Insurance Organization (OAS) has done a very important job to date and has shown that it can effectively run the GESS and that this role cannot be delegated to political parties.

OAU, despite the war it accepted and the danger that developed that the System would not be implemented and would collapse immediately with its implementation, accomplished the first big goal to start providing services according to the schedules set by the Legislature and now it should focus on the issues of quality, control and sustainability of the system “.

The State has designated the Health Insurance Organization as the competent institution to manage the General Health System and therefore any changes should be made by the Organization itself which has the know-how, the expertise but also the responsibility through the Law for to do so note with emphasis on the announcement.

Finally, he emphasizes that, “The SEC will not allow political or other interests to alter the character of the General Health System which has managed to gain the trust and support of society, in such a short and short period of time. The best service they can offer to the Society is to honor the legislation that they unanimously passed in June 2017 and to let the Organization continue its work without hindrance “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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