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Second thoughts from UN Secretary General on Pentamers

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Second thoughts from UN Secretary General on Pentamers

Nicosia does not rule out the possibility that the UN Secretary General will make second thoughts regarding the convening of even an informal 5 + 1 meeting, fearing a new impasse that will force him to put an end to the Cyprus issue.

That is why the situation with the pandemic is not excluded to offer sufficient excuses for the informal meeting to go in the long run. And April has already started to come in as a new date. From the discussions and analyzes that are taking place in Nicosia lately, it appears that the Secretary General, after his initial positions for convening the informal preparatory meeting, seems to change the data as soon as possible and to become second thoughts, perhaps with a more realistic approach.

The converging assessments conclude that the UN Secretary General, in the face of the risk of a second impasse in the Cyprus issue, lets things run at a slower pace. The pandemic and the inability of the five parties to move to New York is one aspect of the delay in Antonio Guterres addressing the invitations. The other aspect concerns the current climate in the Cyprus issue, which makes it difficult to reach an agreement.

The negotiator Andreas Mavrogiannis, who is on an open line with the United Nations after his return to Cyprus, told Alpha that April also entered the discussion as the time horizon for the meeting: “Discussions are taking place, I am participating in these discussions, Of course, our wish is for the meeting to take place as soon as possible and we are not pleased with the fact that the date is rolling and we were talking first before the end of the year, then about the beginning of January, the end of January, March, now we are talking about April. ».

In his statements, A. Mavrogiannis also confirmed what “F” had previously published about Turkish tactics and methods in order for the negotiations on the Cyprus issue to coincide with the European Council at the end of March. The negotiator of the Greek Cypriot side was sufficiently informative in his statements: “What I can say is that the date and the location for the informal meeting have not been decided, mainly the United Nations tells us that it is due to the difficulties of the coronavirus, we see that there are some Turkish methods “.

He further added that he did not know what the expediencies were, but what he saw was “as much as it does affect whether you want the European Council, which is on its agenda, to deal with any further measures due to non-compliance. is if you want the negative dimension for Turkey and we are also interested and at the same time there is talk of a positive agenda for Turkey. You understand that both of these dimensions from the holding of the meeting before and any decisions as well, probably affect the informal five-day meeting “.

Regarding the proposals of the Turkish side, A. Mavrogiannis clarified that “for us it is a very important issue of principle, we are not going to move from the position for DDO which is supported by the SA. of the UN and the Secretary General himself acts on the basis of a mission of good services and an order given to him by the SA. which is a search for a solution in this context “.

On the Hill the Counselors

On Thursday night, the team of PD Advisors was on the hill in order to be informed by Nikos Anastasiadis about the developments in the Cyprus issue as they have been recorded for the last year. That is, since the last update that the team of advisers received after the tripartite meeting in Berlin.

The Government Spokesman stated that President Anastasiadis informed the members of the negotiating team that they will be used in the negotiation process for the Cyprus issue.

Former Minister Erato Kozakou-Markouli, who is part of the advisory group, said they were given the opportunity to express their views, concerns and concerns about developments.

Source: www.philenews.com

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